Why your dental flosser has no power and how to fix it?

Find out why your dental irrigator has no power

You've been using the irrigator for months, and have you noticed that the water jet has lost strength? Don't worry, you won't have to change it yet. We are going to see the main causes why a dental irrigator loses strength and how to solve it.

Causes why your oral irrigator no longer has power

These are the most common reasons why an irrigator loses power over time:

Why is your oral irrigator not strong and how to fix it?
  • Obstruction: Did you know that tap water contains minerals of microscopic size? These accumulate in the tubes of the irrigator, until they form a plug that prevents the passage of water. It's very similar to what happens to sink and basin faucets.
  • Battery or electrical connection failure: On desktop models, these rely on battery power. If it fails, or is discharged, the power will be lower. A similar failure occurs with desktop models. The cable must be well connected to the irrigator and the current, to work correctly.
  • There is a leak: It is one of the most frequent problems. From the reservoir, the water goes through "several stages" and some seepage is possible.
  • Failure in one piece: This is usually the less frequent cause, but cannot be ruled out. With use, the pieces, or parts, of the irrigator wear out, they must be changed.

How to fix the loss of power of the dental irrigator

Once you have detected the cause of the irrigator's loss of power, you must solve it by following one of the following methods:

Complete cleaning of the irrigator

You must clean each part of the irrigator thoroughly, to remove any traces of dirt.

For filters use a mixture of 2-4 tablespoons of white vinegar with water in the depot. Empty half to push the minerals, wait about 20 minutes and repeat the process until the tank is empty.

If the problem is the handle, immerse it in a mixture of water with white vinegar for a half hour. Same for the nozzles.

battery failure

You should know that wireless models have a big problem: The less power the battery has, the less powerful the jet will come out. So you'll have to make sure the battery is well charged.

If despite the load you notice that it has no strength, change the battery either try charging the irrigator with another cable. It is possible that the one you had no longer works well.

detect the leak

A water leak can affect the jet pressure. Turn on the irrigator and check if the leak is coming from the reservoir or the tube of the irrigator.

In the first case, it will be enough to change the rubbers that block the possible leaks of the tank. In the second case, make sure the tube is well connected, both to the irrigator and to the handle. If the problem persists, replace the part.

Change defective parts

With use, and without correct maintenance, it is normal for some parts to stop working. you will only have to buy some spare parts and ready.

If the irrigator still does not work properly, contact the customer service of the brand, because there may be a defective or loose part.

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