Where to buy Waterpik refills? | DENTAL IRRIGATOR

With use, it is normal for the parts of an irrigator to wear out or begin to fail. For all users of the Waterpik brand, we are going to explain where you can buy spare parts and what you should take into account.

What is a Waterpik and where can I find official spare parts?

Waterpik is one of the most established brands in the dental irrigators sector, not in vain, they were the pioneers in the sale of dental irrigators.

This makes it extremely easy to find replacement parts for any Waterpik irrigator.

Where can you find official spare parts for a Waterpik irrigator?

Let's see what your options are to find official Waterpik spare parts for your irrigator:


The most important sales platform in the world It has multiple spare parts brand officials:

  • Heads/Nozzles.
  • Irrigator handle + Tube.
  • Water cap to place in the tank and prevent leaks.
  • Nozzle boxes.
  • Chargers.

The big advantage? Not only will you have access to a complete set of spare parts for your Waterpik, you will receive it within 24 hours!

How to choose the right part for your Waterpik irrigator

Keep one thing in mind: Not all parts are compatible with all modelssince some have a unique design.

Your best option is always look for spare parts of the brand. If you buy them on Amazon you will have free shipping, in addition to all the coverage it offers.

Is it possible to find spare parts for a private label Waterpik irrigator?

No, there are no compatible parts white label, as well as those of other brands are not compatible.

Also, if you used a white label, these would be of very poor quality, and after a short time you would have to change it again.

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