When is the dental irrigator used?

We explain when the dental irrigator is used

The dental irrigator is the perfect complement to achieve a healthy mouth, but when and how many times a day can you use it? In Max Flosser We will answer both questions clearly, so you do not have any doubts.

Why is a daily frequency of the dental irrigator recommended?

The toothbrush is barely capable of reach 30% of the oral cavityand if you use an electric toothbrush, it barely reaches a fifty%. In both cases, the sows barely remove 60% of dirt, since they cannot reach the spaces between the teeth, or remove all the plaque that adheres to the surface of the teeth.

Dentists usually recommend that after the brush be used flossbut did you know that this barely serves to remove 40% of the food debris that gets stuck between the teeth? What's more, for those who have gum problems, it can cause bleeding, since when passing it near it, small incisions are produced.

Find out how often to use a dental irrigator

As if that were not enough, neither of these two dental hygiene items allows you to clean one of the most important areas of the mouth: The periodontal pockets, that is, the small gaps between the gum and the tooth, in which they accumulate. lots of dirt from food.

To achieve a total cleaning of the mouth, this is why the dental irrigator is recommended for daily use. Whether used before or after brushing, this helps remove 99.9% of plaque, food debris between the teeth and allows you to easily reach any corner of the mouth.

Also, when you go to use the dental irrigator, you will notice a very pleasant sensation in your mouth, since warm water is used. The jet will help to relax the inflammation in the gums, reducing the annoying sensation of dental sensitivity.

How many times a day can the oral irrigator be used?

How often can you use the dental irrigator? Actually, the answer will depend on who you ask.

According to some dentists, the frequency of use of the dental irrigator should be equal to the number of times a day that you brush your teeth, that is to say: three minimums. Others, due to the problems that the abuse of the pressurized water jet may cause, think that it is best to use the irrigator for cleaning at night, thus eliminating any debris that may have accumulated throughout the day.

Discover when to use a dental irrigator for more effective cleaning

So, how many times can you use the dental irrigator in a day? The best is use it once in the morning and once at night. In this way, you will feel a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and freshness when you go to work and before going to bed, without discomfort due to trapped food, or accumulation of tartar. After the meal, just brush your teeth.

Never forget that the irrigator can help you improve the cleanliness of your mouthHowever, abusing this product could cause serious damage to your teeth. Regulate the frequency of use according to the number of times you brush your teeth per day.

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