What to do if your Waterpik stops working and no water comes out?

These are the main reasons why your waterpik is not working

Like any other product, irrigators have a useful life. Although it is possible to lengthen it, depending on the frequency of use or the maintenance given to it, your Waterpik may have stopped working properly. What can you do about it?

The possible causes why your Waterpik does not turn on or does not work well

When you start your Waterpik, does water not come out? It does not turn on? Is the pressure very low even though you use maximum power? This does not mean that it is broken, far from it, since it may be due to one of these causes:

Why isn't water coming out of your waterpik?  These are the causes!
  • Mineral Accumulation: When using the irrigator fill the tank with tap water, correct? This contains small amounts of minerals that, little by little, accumulate in the filters and the tube of the irrigator. If you have never cleaned it, over time a plug forms that prevents the water from draining properly.
  • The battery or the battery has run out: The wireless models have a mAh battery, or use rechargeable batteries, so it will be enough to change them. But what about a tabletop Waterpik irrigator? It's the same, too use a mAh battery. This can be damaged over time, so it will be enough to change it.
  • Power cable failure: Does the Waterpik not turn on? The connection may not work well or the cable may be damaged
  • The handle does not work: The same case may occur as in the first point: Accumulation of minerals in the tube that prevents the water from reaching the nozzle.
  • Water leaks: The tanks have small rubber bands that prevent leaks. These must be changed over time, since they wear out with use.
  • Air accumulation: Sometimes the irrigator may continue to run after running out of water, until you stop it. In that brief instant, the filters and tubing fill with trapped air. Not having anywhere to exit, it stays there until the next use, and can damage the tracks.

How to repair your Waterpik according to the type of problem it has

"My Waterpik doesn't work, should I buy another one?" Be careful, it is possible that it does not work due to some of the problems that we have mentioned in the previous point, and all of these have a solution.

avoid leaks

The first step is detect where the leak is coming from; reservoir, tube or handle.

In the case of deposit will suffice to change the tires that serve as a "plug" to prevent leaks. If it is the tube or the handle, will have to buy a new one, but first check that everything is well connected. With use, it may have loosened a bit and that's why water seeps through.

no water comes out

Normally, the main reason why no water comes out is due to an obstruction of the filters and the tube.

to clean it, use a mixture of water with white vinegar. What you should do is fill the tank with four tablespoons of vinegar and water.

Turn on the irrigator and shoot the jet, so that it cleans the filters a bit. When emptying half, wait 20 minutes and repeat the process until the tank is empty. The water should come out with the same power.

The cordless irrigator does not shoot the water jet

Like tabletop models, cordless irrigators can clog.

Follow the steps we have already mentioned (using only two tablespoons of vinegar), But apart, dip the nozzle in a mixture of vinegar and water, to clean the hole.

Remove air accumulated in the irrigator

Have you ever left your irrigator on without water coming out? Due to this small failure, the airways of the apparatus are filled with air.

Simply plug in the flosser as you normally would for about 10 seconds to expel any accumulated air. Fill the reservoir and use the irrigator as you normally would.

The irrigator does not turn on

Before you think that the irrigator has broken, check that the power cord It is well connected, both to the current and to the irrigator.

On wireless models It's usually a battery problem.which after so much use is damaged and must be changed.

It can also be, although it is very rare in a Waterpik, that irrigator lights don't work rightbut the irrigator does turn on.

The irrigator makes a lot of noise

For an irrigator to make noise while in use is not uncommon. But, if he noise becomes shrillin that case, is that the pieces have been “loosening”.

How could this have happened? It is quite frequent, since during the use of an irrigator inside it, small vibrations are generated. This causes that, with the passage of time, the pieces are released little by little.

If the irrigator is still under warranty, contact customer service to have it fixed.

one piece failure

Sometimes the failure can be in a single piece; The handle doesn't work, the nozzle is badly damaged... The solution is easy, replace the old part with a new one.

You won't have a hard time finding Waterpik brand replacement parts on platforms like Amazon.

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