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Discover which oral irrigator to buy according to your needs

To show off a perfect smile it is not enough to use the toothbrush. It must be complemented with a dental irrigator, to eliminate bacterial plaque and other remains of dirt.

You will find hundreds of models on the market, but which dental irrigator should you buy? Our guide will help you choose the best one!

What factors should be taken into account when choosing an oral irrigator?

The first step in choosing which dental irrigator to buy is to take these factors into account:

  • Brand: On the market there are dozens of brands that sell irrigators, some of great prestige such as Oral-B, Colgate and Waterpik, as well as others lesser known. Valuing a high-end brand is always a guarantee, especially when it comes to solving any problem.
  • Guy: Is the irrigator to be used at home or when you travel? Think carefully before making your purchase, because for domestic use it is always more recommended one for desktop, which are more powerful and have larger tanks. Instead, to travel, opt for portable modelswith small deposits and more limited functions.
  • Price: Finding a cheap irrigator is not a problem. Another thing is that fits your needs. Your budget may be somewhat limited, but sometimes it is worth spending a little more for something better than going for the cheapest option.
  • Benefits: Analyze in its characteristics the benefits that the irrigator offers you; Modes of use, power regulation, etc. The latter is extremely important, since there are people who cannot use irrigators with a lot of powerand others that will need you to have a lot (for example, in the case of using orthodontics).
  • Nozzles: The irrigators have nozzles for cleaning. There are several types, and the more it includes, the better, since this way you can customize the cleaning of your mouth according to your needs.
  • Spare parts: It does not hurt to investigate if the brand sells spare parts, such as irrigator handles, or parts for the tank. So you can extend the life of the irrigator when a part fails.

The best dental flosser money can buy

If they asked us "Which irrigator to buy", we would say that, without a doubt, a Waterpik brand irrigatoras the Whitening Waterpik.

The reason? Waterpik is one of the brands with the most experience in the manufacture of these products. In fact, they were the pioneers in the sector, and many specialists and users call the irrigators “Waterpiks”.

In addition, this model combines its use with some pills that will give a natural whitening to your teethin just under a month. The pickups are included, but you can buy more separately.

The best value for money models

Do you like that the quality of the article goes hand in hand? In that case, you should take a look at these models:

Waterpik Nano

If the Ultra model seems too bulky, waterpik has a model smallerknown as “Nanno”, which is intended for use it both inside and outside the home.

Its size is much smaller than other desktop irrigators, and much lighter. With a 400 ml tank and three pressure levelsyou will have everything you need to keep your mouth clean.

Oral-B Smart 5

Its price may be somewhat high, but what if we told you that the Smart 5 is a 2-in-1 dental hygiene station?

Together with the irrigator you will get a electric toothbrush with which to clean your mouth before using the irrigator. As if that were not enough, this model includes the oxyjet technology of the brand, which massages the gums while cleaning between the teeth with microbubble technology.

If you need a cheaper option, you can find this same flosser without the toothbrush or even a portable model.

Enpuly MLG1

A model perfect laptop for those who travel a lotor are just looking for an alternative to a table irrigator for quick mouth cleaning.

With a total of 5 pressure levelswhich can be adjusted by pressing a button, a removable 200 ml reservoir and a complete set of nozzlesnext to one Long duration batteryis an alternative that you should consider.

It is also a good option for those who are trying an irrigator for the first time and do not want to spend a lot of money.

Voinee Care SB-VC-3

Another portable option, designed more for those without serious mouth problems and who need a practical irrigator to use anywhere.

While is true that lacks as much power compared to other portable modelsis from the lighter models that include more nozzles. To this must be added great shock resistance and a LED lighting system that will allow you to regulate the jet comfortably.

Turewell FC165

As another desktop option, the model Turewell FC165 It is one of the best and cheapest on the market.

Through its dial, you can regulate the water pressure in 10 levels. Includes a complete set of nozzles to carry out any type of cleaning, and its tank has a capacity of 600 ml.

Its only drawback is that it's quite big. An insignificant detail if you think of everything you save when buying it, don't you think?

The best purchase according to the opinions and evaluations of people

Still don't know which dental irrigator to choose? If none of the above options have "thrilled" you, perhaps the most valued irrigator by customers will: the Kasakily cordless irrigator.

Not a well known brand, but in just a few months his irrigator has become one of the best rated by users on Amazonboth for its quality and its benefits.

A portable model that can be used for cleaning at home, in the bathroom at the office or in the hotel room. Very easy to use, with all the nozzles you may need and the same quality guarantees as a high-end model.

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