What is the best Waterpik?

Of all the models on the market, which is the best waterpik?

Waterpik irrigators found in thousands of homes, being the most recommended by dentists and professionals in the sector. Have you decided that you are going to buy one?

We explain the factors to take into account to choose the best model and which are the best valued by users.

The factors that you should take into account to choose the best Waterpik model

To choose the best Waterpik model, we advise you to take into account the following factors:

  • Nozzles that includes: The more nozzles included in the irrigator, the more you can customize the cleaning of your mouth and that of the family.
  • Power: Depending on your needs, you will want the irrigator to have more or less power. Our advice is to look for a model that allows you to regulate the power of the jet.
  • Functions: Portable models often include modes of use for each type of cleaning, while the desktop ones only allow you to regulate the power. Actually, this is the same thing, only the modes of use are settings presets. The problem? That these cannot be modified, and they may be more powerful than you need.
  • Usability: Are you going to use the irrigator only at home or do you want to use it when you leave it? If you spend a lot of time away from home, or it is for a basic cleaning of the mouth, opt for a cordless model. Otherwise, it will be better for desktop.
  • Cleaning: It is very important that the irrigator is easy to clean. Keep in mind that they require a weekly cleaning, and a deep cleaning a couple of times a month.
  • Deposit: The more capacity the tank has, the better. But you must also check if it is removableto make it more convenient to fill and clean.

The models best valued by buyers

From Waterpik's extensive catalogue, which is the best irrigator? Here you will find the best rated by users:

Waterpik Ultra Professional

The best valued desktop model of the brand, which stands out for having a large capacity tanka design that adapts to any type of bathroom and simple and practical functionswith a complete set of mouthpieces to thoroughly clean the mouth.

Waterpik ‎20023370

Its most popular wireless model, perfect for use inside and outside the home, with the same power and functions as a desktop model. With a very attractive price, it is the definitive solution to take care of your mouth no matter where you are.

Waterpik WF-05EU

With this desktop model, the whole family can take care of your dental hygiene quickly and easily; Large capacity tank, simple design and functions perfect for people with dental sensitivity.

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