What is a dental irrigator?

Find out what a dental irrigator is

Brushing your teeth after every meal is very important, as is flossing to remove food debris stuck between your teeth and a good rinse to disinfect your mouth from potential germs and bacteria.

And, even using everything, it is not enough! In recent years, flossers have become the number 1 dental hygiene item as they offer better results. But what is a dental irrigator and what role does it play in the cleaning process? In Max Flosser we will be happy to answer this question.

What is oral irrigation?

The dental irrigator, what exactly is it? Is about a device that ejects a jet of water under pressurewhich when coming into contact with the teeth It is used to remove food debris and bacterial plaque. (as well as tartar).

What is a dental irrigator and what is it used for?

In other words, a complement to daily dental hygiene, which helps us in depth, with 99% more effectiveness, in daily oral cleaning. In fact, if you have ever gone to the dentist to have your mouth cleaned, you have seen it on several occasions.

There are several models on the market, from the most prestigious brands in the sector such as Oral-B, Colgate or Aquapik. Each one with its unique characteristics, offering unique benefits.

What is the function of the dental irrigator?

You already know what the definition of a dental irrigator is, but what exactly is the function?

The main purpose of its use is improve the quality of mouth cleaningsince the pressure jet can help to "weaken" the plaque, food debris and bacteria that adhere to the teeth.

As if that weren't enough, the irrigator nozzles can be rotated, allowing for easy cleaning the outer and inner layer of teethwhich with the toothbrush barely reaches 30% of it.

This is what a dental irrigator is and its function

Mainly, it should be used by people who:

  • Have dexterity problems when flossing.
  • Suffer from tooth sensitivity.
  • Wear dental appliances, that is, orthodontics.
  • You have recently performed an intervention in your mouth, such as a bridge, the placement of a crown or an implant.

A very IMPORTANT detail to keep in mind: Although the irrigator is more effective than the toothbrush and dental floss, in no case is it a substitute for both. In other words, It is a supplement with which to improve the cleanliness of the mouthbut in no case should it be used alone.

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