Waterpik: What people think of your products

Get to know the opinions of users about Waterpik irrigators

waterpik It is one of the most famous irrigator brands in the world, and one of the best valued and recommended by professionals. However, what do users think about their irrigators?

What opinions do users have about Waterpik products?

The brand has several models on the market, each with its unique characteristics.

This is what users think about them:

WP 900

A dental hygiene station, including an electric toothbrush for pre-cleaning before flossing.

Opinion 5/5 😄

All in one. The brush has plenty of battery and three ways to brush soft, fast and massage. The irrigator a discovery. It seems that you have cleaned yourself well and the surprise comes after passing it. As I have implants, it works perfectly, helping to clean the mouth.

Opinion 3/5 😕

Good oral irrigator, with power. The electric toothbrush, in my opinion, leaves something to be desired, I like the Oral B one better.

I regret having only been able to use it for one year. From one day to the next it inexplicably stopped working.

Total €123.96 thrown away for a year of use. In my opinion, disastrous value for money.

Opinion 1/5 😡

Waterpik's oral irrigators are the best I've come across. Therefore, despite everything we already know, we continue to buy products from this brand. What we know: 1. That they have an obvious planned obsolescence, at some point from the end of the warranty to a maximum of 5 years after the purchase, the product always dies. 2. That they do not have a technical service in Spain. So even if you love the product and don't mind paying for the repair yourself, there's no way anyone will fix it. So throw it away and buy another. In addition to that, in this case, we have been surprised that the brush has a very low power.

You don't get the feeling of being brushed vigorously, it's like a gentle caress on your teeth, so very disappointing for us. Despite that, the irrigator is still the best. So, despite everything, considering that we use it three times a day, if it lasts two years, it is almost profitable for me. But it's a shame, isn't it?

WP 70 Classic

Inspired by one of the first oral irrigators that they launched on the market, it is one of the simplest models, perfect for the whole family.

Opinion 5/5 😄

Ideal for deep cleaning due to its pressure and the number of heads it has. The downside is that it is a very bulky item and in a small bathroom you have a hard time placing it in a place that doesn't bother you much.

Opinion 3/5 😕

I bought it just 3 years ago today and it hasn't worked for a month.
While it worked it has been excellent, due to power and effectiveness, but now the brush works because it still has a battery but the irrigator does not work. So I consider price ratio that has had a short life. Since we used it only at night, which was when we brushed our teeth upstairs.

Opinion 1/5 😡

I had a travel waterpick and thought that this larger model would be more comfortable and better. Big mistake!!! Putting and removing the nozzles is more complicated. It makes more noise. I tried to change it for another model and since it was open they did not allow it. In several pharmacies they have not been able to order nozzles for this device (those of other waterpick are not valid). The water container does not stay well attached. Very unhappy with the purchase. I do not recommend at all.


A very interesting wireless version, perfect to take on a trip or use at work.

Opinion 5/5 😄

For travel it seems like a great irrigator. From my point of view it has enough power in the two levels it has, the battery lasts a long time, I have used it for a week and the battery has not run out yet. It is manageable and not very heavy which makes it ideal to take it on a trip.

The problem that I see is that you have to be careful when the water is wasted because if it tilts, the pump does not suck the water well and it starts to work without water, which can cause it to break down. You have to use it straight or tilted to the side of the pump or refill it long before the water runs out. It's the only drawback I see.

Opinion 3/5 😕

It is a good product, backed by a good brand like Waterpik. I liked it a lot, because at home I don't have space to have a big one, although these are the best. The power of the jet is adequate, and it has a very comfortable size to store it anywhere.

What I liked least is that the deposit does not last more than 45 seconds, and that the battery lasts less than a week using it once a day. It should also be noted that it must be in a vertical position for it to work, but this is not a problem since when you get used to it you learn to move so you don't have to tilt it without too many problems.

Opinion 1/5 😡

It does not have enough pressure and does not meet any of the requirements they mention. In addition, the provider Parafarmaciamarket leaves much to be desired in terms of customer service. Both the product and the supplier are a fraud. The product does not comply and I want to return it to recover my money and they invent that being a sanitary product they do not return the money but rather "fix" it

I don't pay to have a new product fixed. For this, the seller is the one who has to claim the supplier and not charge the client for faults beyond his control.

WP 100 Ultra

The Waterpik WP100 Ultra irrigator is the most powerful, perfect for those who want a thorough cleaning of the mouth.

Opinion 5/5 😄

It's fantastic and when you use it you realize to what extent a traditional toothbrush doesn't do a complete cleaning. It only has one but although it is a bit farfetched. In the water tank it has a rubber piece that manages the water outlet to the compressor. This piece of rubber theoretically prevents the rest of the water from coming out when you go to refill the tank. This piece deteriorates very quickly and the water comes out of the tank if you don't push it with your finger, which is unpleasant. Without that but, 5 stars.

Opinion 3/5 😕

I expected it to be more powerful when it comes to removing dirt from between the teeth and tartar. In the end you get used to using it and it is another complement for oral care and hygiene but I expected something more "professional".

Opinion 1/5 😡

It has only lasted 6 months.
I was happy with the purchase but after six months it lost almost all the power. And that I have carried out the cleaning of the device rigorously.

WP 660 EU

The most popular desktop model of the brand, it is also one of the best valued and most recommended.

Opinion 5/5 😄

Once you open it you realize that it is smaller than it appears in the photos. It practically fits in the palm of your hand. Even though I don't have a large bathroom, I had no trouble fitting it over the sink. It has a very low center of gravity and small rubber feet that prevent it from slipping.

I read the instructions and I see that they practically do not have any complications. However when you use it for the first time you realize that you have to get used to the irrigator. On the body of the irrigator it has the power button. The problem is that the handle has another button to turn it off and on. If you forget to close the one with the handle, as happened to me, you are going to lose everything because the irrigator starts working almost without giving you time to turn it off or place it in your mouth.

Opinion 3/5 😕

It does its job perfectly. I don't give it five stars for one reason, it makes a lot of noise and if like me you have to do it at night when the children are asleep, depending on where you have it, you have to close the door so as not to disturb.
On the other hand, the tank practically has to be loaded with each use because if you use it thoroughly it almost empties after a single use, on the other hand putting a larger tank would cause the size to change drastically so I don't see much of a solution to that problem.

Opinion 1/5 😡

The device worked fine for the first 4 months, until one fine day it stopped working. The only way to make the guarantee effective is by sending an email to an address indicated in the instruction book, obtaining the silent response, despite having repeated the email several times. Contacted Amazon, they offer me the replacement of the product. In summary, a 0 for Waterpik and a 10 for Amazon

Edit in January 2021: Breakdown again, this time without warranty. I proceed to disassemble it and verify that the internal transformer that it has (220v-12v) has failed, and for which I cannot find spare parts. Months ago I also had to change the plastic tube that connects the appliance to the mouthpiece. In short, a quality disaster


The 20023407 model is the wireless version of the Waterpik irrigators, fully portable and designed for those who spend a lot of time away from home.

Opinion 5/5 😄

Public enemy number one of tartar and plaque. With two speeds, to better adjust to the sensitivity of each gum. Removes dirt better than any dental floss. I'm not saying it's like going to the dentist, but it's close. At least in my case, I noticed the feeling of cleanliness from the first use. The bad thing is that, to get it right, you have to spend a little time on each tooth; Since the tank's capacity is limited, you'll have no choice but to fill it up as you go, but doing so will only take a few seconds. Of course, it goes with batteries and not with a battery, so my advice is that you put rechargeable batteries in it, because it actually devours them. What's more, my experience is that I have to recharge them every two days; if not, the appliance still works fine, but it is noticeable that it throws the water with less force. For its price, and not long ago it was about twenty euros more, it is a purchase that I recommend to everyone.

Opinion 3/5 😕

I have only tried it because I want it to travel since it is not very big and it is easy to transport. I know the brand and that is why I have repeated, the previous two will work very well.

Opinion 1/5 😡

The item with the default batteries that came with it did absolutely nothing, more than a slight massage on the gums, without any efficiency to do its job. With new batteries it improved a lot but it is very far in terms of irrigation power from other models that I have used previously such as the waterpik wp 450.
Pretty disappointed. I can't say that it doesn't work or has a defect, but it lacks a lot of power to fulfill its purpose.

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