Waterpik models: Comparison and buying guide

Discover how to choose the best Waterpik among all its models

Opting for a Waterpik irrigator is a great decision, since its models they are excellent value for money and are designed to satisfy the needs of any type of user.

However, are you having trouble choosing between Waterpik models? Let us help you with a little guide.

How to choose the most suitable Waterpik model for your needs: power, capacity, nozzles, price, etc.

There are many factors that you must take into account when choosing the Waterpik model, not only the price. To help you, we have prepared this guide.

Comparison of Waterpik models

The best method for comparing multiple products is to put them all in one table. Process that we have carried out for you:

660 US 130psi 650ml 6 €99.99
WF-03UK010 100psi 150ml 3 €54.99
WP-150 UK 125psi 600ml 5 €61.79
WP-560EU 100psi 125ml 4 €109.99
WF-05EU 125psi 650ml 3 €129.99
WP450 125psi 200ml 4 €88
WP 160 125psi 600ml 4 €98
WP-250EU 130psi 400ml 2 €84.91
WP 112 125psi 600 4 €95
WP 462 100psi 125ml 2 €63.48
WP 563 125psi 200ml 4 €106.89
Ultra WP 100 130psi 600ml 4 103.30

What should you take into account to choose the most suitable model for you?

With all the data in your possession, what should you look for to choose the best Waterpik model for you?

  • Nozzles that includes: You may only need to use one right now, but in the future you may need others, such as an orthodontic or one to clean crowns and implants. The more nozzles included in the irrigator, the better.
  • Tank capacity: The larger the tank capacity, the longer the water jet will last. This is very important, especially if it is used by more than one person at home.
  • Power: All Waterpik irrigators allow you to regulate the power of the jet, either with a button or a jet. According to your needs, choose the one that has enough power to guarantee the cleanliness of your mouth.
  • Place of use: Do you spend a lot of time away from home? In that case you might be interested in a portable model. Or, is it the opposite case, is it for the bathroom at home? Undoubtedly a desktop model.
  • User rating: Through the comments you will be able to consult the evaluations and opinions of users who have already been able to try the irrigator. With their experiences, you will be able to know if it will be useful for you or not.

Are you already clear about how to choose your new Waterpik irrigator model? In that case, pay attention, we leave you the best offers on the network for all its models.

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