Waterpik irrigator power: How much pressure do you need for optimal cleaning?

Know the power of Waterpik irrigators by model

waterpik is one of the most important and recognized brands in the dental hygiene market. Some even call the irrigators as waterpiks.

These have some characteristics that make them uniquehow is your power level and the ease of adjusting it. Do you want to know what each one is for and how to adjust it in your irrigator?

What are the power levels offered by Waterpik irrigators and how are they adjusted?

So that each user can customize the cleaning of their mouth according to their specific needs, Waterpik irrigators allow you to adjust the power of the water jet.

The power levels of Waterpik irrigators

In this comparative table you will be able to see how many power levels each Waterpik irrigator model has, as well as the maximum pressure that reach:

WP70 90psi 6
WP100 100psi 10
WP300 80psi 3
WP450 75psi 2
WP660 100psi 10
WP900 100psi 10

How is the power of the water regulated?

Except for the waterpik 450 irrigator that it is wireless, and power is selected by pressing the MODE buttonhe other models have a dial that allows you to choose between the different power levels.

Is usually recommend starting with the lowestand gradually increase the pressure of the jet, so that the mouth gets used to it.

What is each pressure level for?

Next we will see what each level of pressure of the irrigator is recommended for:

  • Levels 1-3: This power range is recommended for children and people with dental sensitivity.
  • Levels 4-6: serves for remove dental plaque, tartar and clean periodontal pockets.
  • Levels 6-8: It is recommended for clean an orthodontic.
  • Levels 9-10: Especially recommended for clean the spaces between the teeth.

Waterpik Irrigators Catalog

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