Types of dental irrigators: Which is the best for your oral hygiene

On the market there are not only several brands that sell dental irrigators, but there are also several types, each with its pros and cons. Do you want to discover them to know which is the best for the hygiene of your mouth? Keep reading!

tabletop irrigators

These irrigators are also known as tabletop irrigators. They are characterized by be largeworking with electric current and to have large capacity tanks.


  • Water tanks from 400 to 1000 ml.
  • Regulation of water pressure from 5 to 10 levels.
  • The power of the jet reaches 145 psi.
  • Water can be combined with mouthwash.
  • Switch on the handle to activate and deactivate the water jet.
  • Tube of almost 1 meter to use it comfortably.
  • They include various types of nozzles.


  • They take up a lot of space and are quite heavy.
  • The type of jet cannot be optimized.
  • Some irrigators do not allow removal of the deposit.
  • They can be somewhat uncomfortable for children.
  • Some models only include one type of nozzle.
  • Its price is quite high.

cordless irrigators

Also Known As portable irrigatorsare smaller models, as an alternative for small bathrooms or people who spend a lot of time away from home.

usually have a batteryalthough there are some models known as manual irrigators more basic than battery operated.


  • They are smaller and more practical.
  • They can be used anywhere.
  • They have several modes and nozzles to customize the cleaning of the mouth.
  • They reach up to 125 psi.
  • Much cheaper than desktop models.
  • They can be charged with any device with a USB port.


  • The water tank is very small.
  • For some users the power will be insufficient.
  • Some models are quite expensive.
  • The battery drains quickly, reducing the power of the jet.
  • The nozzles are not of very good quality.

travel irrigators

These models are designed to be used outside the home, being smaller and more compact than wireless.


  • They are very small, and can be carried in the bag.
  • They can be used anywhere.
  • They have a compartment to store the mouthpiece.
  • They reach 125 psi.
  • They are quite cheap.
  • They can be disassembled.
  • It can be charged anywhere.


  • The tank barely has capacity.
  • The instructions for use are very basic.
  • The nozzles break easily.
  • The battery drains quickly.

faucet irrigator

As their name indicates, these irrigators connect directly to the faucetso they do not depend on any deposit.


  • No need to worry about emptying the tank.
  • They work connected to the tap, so they do not depend on any battery.
  • They are very cheap.
  • Totally manual, so they are perfect for children and people with special needs.


  • They are very basic.
  • They need to be connected to the faucet by a filter.
  • The power of the jet cannot be adjusted.
  • You need a faucet to be able to use it.
  • The power of the jet will depend on the strength of the jet from the faucet.

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