The dental irrigator removes tartar: Myth or reality?

How can the dental irrigator help you remove tartar from your mouth?

He tartar is produced by the accumulation of batteries and minerals on the bacterial plaque. If not removed, what is known as a dental calculus occurs.

During the oral cleaning process, dentists use the oral irrigator to remove accumulated tartar from the teeth. A process that can be done at home with a domestic model.

Benefits of using a dental flosser to remove tartar

Many users doubt whether it is true that the dental irrigator removes tartar from the mouth, but it is clinically proven that it is, having these benefits for your health:

disease prevention

If the tartar is not removed on time, you run the risk of suffering from one of these diseases:

  • Gingivitis: It is an inflammation of the gum, which causes bleeding and edema.
  • Periodontitis: It causes the loss of bone in the tooth, and little by little it loses its grip on the tissues, until it falls out.
  • Mucositis: It is an inflammation of the mucosa that surrounds the implants.
  • Perimplantitis: This disease affects the tissues and bone surrounding the dental implant.

Recovers the natural color of the teeth

Bacterial plaque creates a light layer around the teeth that causes us to see them a "little yellow". On the other hand the tartar appear like yellowish spots.

Using the irrigator regularly, the translucent color of the tooth is gradually recovered.

Easy and comfortable to use

dental irrigators they are very easy to use (even the smallest of the house will be able to use them).

They are not annoying at all, since you can regulate the power of the jet and use lukewarm water so that the contact of the jet with your mouth is not so annoying.

Unique descaling nozzle

The irrigators include a periodontal mouthpiecewhich serves to eliminate both bacterial plaque and tartar.

Using it, it will be very easy for you to get rid of the remains of your mouth after a first brushing.

Criteria for choosing the best dental irrigator to remove tartar: power, capacity, nozzles, price, etc.

Now that you know all the benefits of using a dental irrigator to remove tartar, what criteria should you use to choose the most suitable one?


Yes, the irrigator removes scale, but only if you have enough power. You must look for a irrigator with a lot of powerminimum 100psi.

If you opt for a wireless model, pay close attention to the available battery. The higher the power, the sooner the battery will run out.

tank capacity

The duration of the stream depends on the capacity of the irrigator's water tank. The higher the capacity, the more time you will have to use it.

This is important for who have a lot of tartar in their mouth and will need time to remove it.


As we have already mentioned above, the irrigator must include a periodontal mouthpiece. Of course, if it includes other types better, so both you and the rest of your family members can customize the cleaning according to the needs of your mouths.


Actually, the price is not such an important “factor”, since you are investing in health. This is not to say that you make sure you buy an irrigator with a Great value for the price.


Is the brand important? Of course, then a prestigious brand is a guarantee of quality. In addition, they work hand in hand with professionals in the sector to design irrigators that can cover all needs.

Not to mention that you will always have spare parts and customer service at your disposal.

The best irrigators to remove scale

In the following list you will find the most powerful models to remove tartar from your mouth, with the best prices on the net.

What should you do to buy the one that interests you the most? Just click on the button under the name of the irrigator and place your order. You will receive it in 24 hours and you can start removing tartar from your mouth!

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