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Waterpik WP-660EU Irrigator Review

Do you notice that your dental hygiene routine is missing something? Do you think they never get quite clean? It is time for you to go to the next level; Use a dental irrigator.

There are many options on the market, but one of the favorites of customers, and one of the most recommended by dentists, are the Waterpik brand dental irrigatorsespecially the model 660EU.

Features of the Waterpik WP-660EU dental irrigator

We can highlight the quality of its materials, its incredible design, but we cannot forget its main features:

  • Size: 15 x 16.5 x 23cm
  • Weight: 660 grams.
  • Requires one AAA battery. (Included in the box)
  • Includes 7 nozzles.
  • 10 pressure settings.
  • Deposit of 650 milliliters.
  • Cable for connection to the current.
  • Charge indicator light.

Why is the Waterpik dental hygiene station at such a price?

It is not enough for a product to have the seal of such a prestigious brand, as is the case with Waterpik, to justify its price.

You are facing one of the most complete dental hygiene stations on the market, as well as simple. It guarantees a complete cleaning, as well as excellent care, of your teeth.

When you finish using it, you will feel such a clean sensation that it will seem that you have just left your dentist's office. Bottom line: Powerful, with multiple cleaning options and tailored to your specific dental hygiene needs.

The advantages of buying the Waterpik tabletop irrigator

If what you were looking for was a desktop dental irrigator, you should invest in the Waterpik brand model. For what reason? Look at all its advantages!

  • Very easy to use: It is very easy to use, having all the commands on the left side of the device.
  • 50% more effective than dental floss: To remove food debris that gets stuck between the teeth, this irrigator is 50% more effective than classic dental floss.
  • Different pressure levels: It has 10 pressure levels, adjustable with a wheel, which will adapt perfectly to the needs of the user.
  • Remove dental plaque: If you have trouble flossing, toothpicks or interdental brushes because of plaque, this device removes up to 99.9% of plaque buildup.
  • 7 types of nozzles: Each person's mouth is different, and depending on your needs you should use one mouthpiece or another. This model includes three standard nozzles, one toothbrush nozzle (much more effective than electric toothbrush), an anti-plaque mouthpiece, an orthodontic mouthpiece (for people who have had some orthodontics) and a Pik Pocket mouthpiece For those who wear braces or need a softer cleaning due to sensitive gums.
  • 90 seconds of use: Your deposit of 650 milliliters gives you 90 seconds of use at its maximum power. More than enough to leave your teeth sparkling.
  • 2 modes of use: You can activate the mode continuous stream either gum massage (an intermittent jet), depending on the cleaning you need.
  • Whitens teeth: By combining the water with a small whitening agent found in the device, its use can help whiten your teeth.
  • Get fresh breath: Not only does it serve to remove food debris or bacterial plaque, it also helps to remove bacteria and put an end to bad breath. Instead of water, you can fill the tank with mouthwash, but this will reduce the performance of the device.
  • Very economical: If we compare it with other models, we find that this device is very cheap compared to other models. What makes it a very interesting proposal for those looking to try an irrigator for the first time.

The benefits of using the Waterpik 660EU irrigator

By including this device in your daily hygiene routine, you will get all these benefits from day one:

  • Prevention of bleeding gums. In case of suffering it, it will be reduced.
  • Prevention of cavities, gingivitis and elimination of bad breath.
  • Complete removal of food debris between the teeth.
  • Reduction of bacterial plaque and tartar, which will allow your teeth to recover their color.
  • Reduction of pain caused by gum sensitivity.
  • Eliminates bacteria and remains between the gaps of orthodontics.
  • With its powerful jet, added to the rotation of the nozzle, you will reach any corner of the mouth, guaranteeing a complete cleaning.

The steps to correctly use the Waterpik tabletop irrigator

The operation of this model is quite simple. With this little guide that we leave you below, you will know how to use it correctly from day one:

  • Place the device on the smooth area of ​​the sink. If this is not possible, we advise you to put a small wooden base.
  • Fill the reservoir with lukewarm water.
  • Place the head you want to use on the irrigator. They are changed by turning it clockwise.
  • Press the power button and wait a few seconds. You will see the power light come on.
  • If you want to use an intermittent jet, which would be the massage mode, you must press the Floss Massage button. Otherwise, don't press anything.
  • Select, with the wheel, the power of the jet.
  • Start the irrigator by turning the switch to the ON position.

When you have finished using it, it would be advisable to clean the tank, especially if you have used mouthwash instead of water. When you're done with cleaning, remember to turn off the irrigator.

Other features to consider

Currently, the Waterpik desktop oral irrigator is one of the best on the market, and one of the first recommendations from professionals.

Unfortunately, it is not free from having a few small drawbacks:

  • You have to pay attention to energy: This device works with a battery, so you have to be aware of the power indicator so as not to stay halfway through cleaning.
  • Irrigator Cord Length: The cable that connects the irrigator to the device is not very long, which may be a problem for some people.
  • It is not a portable model: Although it is not the heaviest model on the market, it is quite uncomfortable to transport.

Waterpik Ultra Professional Flosser Review

Would you be more convinced of its quality if you could see how it works? We leave you a complete review of this model, where you can not only see it in action, but also discover why it is the best option among all the Waterpik irrigators on the market:

Waterpik Oral Hygiene Station User Reviews

Opinion 5/5 😄

The power regulator is quite useful, because we use it at different power levels.
After 2 months of daily use, it's still fine.

Opinion 3/5 😕

Warranty ran out almost in October and in November it stopped working... good product but bad durability

Opinion 1/5 😡

The product WAS very good. I say "was" because it has broken down after 5 months of use.

Final conclusion of the Waterpik oral irrigator

If what you were looking for was a quality, inexpensive tabletop model with several options to clean your teeth, this model is perfect.

By being able to regulate the power of the water, you will ensure that the force of the jet adapts to your level of sensitivity. As it has several nozzles, you can clean according to the state of your mouth. In addition, it will allow you to perform a small gum massage to reduce and relieve the pain you may feel.

At first glance it may seem that it is going to take up a lot of space in the sink, but nothing is further from the truth. In addition, when you need a spare part, as well as new mouthpieces, you can find Waterpik brand packsfrom cables or new irrigators.

From the moment you start using it, you will realize that it has been one of the best purchases of your life.

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