Tabletop irrigator TUREWELL YFTES051

TUREWELL YFTES051 Benchtop Irrigator Review

The best cleaning is only achieved with the most powerful products and with the best options. And that's how he is tabletop irrigator TUREWELL YFTES051.

Throughout this review, we will analyze all its functions, the characteristics that make it unique, and all its benefits for your dental hygiene.

Characteristics of the TUREWELL YFTES051 irrigator

Its price is not its only attraction, since it has all these features that make it one of the best desktop irrigators on the market:

  • Size: 12.5x10x20
  • Weight: 100 grams.
  • Model: YFTES051
  • 10 pressure settings.
  • 8 nozzles.
  • Colors: Black and white.
  • 600ml tank.
  • Anti-leak design.
  • Legs that improve grip.

Why is TUREWELL YFTES051 Dental Hygiene Station at such a price?

Continuing with its policy of offering high-quality products at an affordable price, Turewell has designed an irrigator that has nothing to envy from other high-end models.

It stands out, above all, for being a very light desktop irrigator, since when the tank is empty it weighs around 100 grams. To prevent it from falling, when hit or due to the accumulation of water at its base, it has legs that improve support. They are waterproof, and do not accumulate moisture.

If we add a complete set of heads for the irrigator, made up of 8 different nozzles, this is one of the irrigators that best adapts to the specific needs of all types of users.

All the advantages of the TUREWELL tabletop oral irrigator

The big question is, what advantages does this irrigator offer you compared to other desktop models? Does it have any particularity that makes it special? Well yes, and you are going to discover them right now!

  • Small and light: While other benchtop irrigators are huge and heavy, this model weighs very little. It won't cost you much to move it when you want to clean the sink thoroughly.
  • Water tank: The deposit has a 600ml capacitywhich will guarantee you a total of 90 seconds interrupted cleaning. In addition, it is designed to prevent leaks during use and, as if that were not enough, it is removable, which helps make the task of refilling it more comfortable.
  • 8 types of nozzles: A total of eight nozzles are included in the box. The three classics They have a base of a different color, one for each member of the family. The others it includes are one mouthpiece for tongue, one for dental plaque, one for orthodontics, one periodontal tip and one toothbrush tip.
  • Mouthpiece compartment: The top cover works like the old system, as well as a compartment to store all the mouthpieces. So they won't get lost!
  • 10 pressure levels: They will be able to regulate the water pressure thanks to the wheel that is incorporated into the device, changing the intensity from 30 to 125 PSI. The lowest level is 1, and the highest is 10.
  • swivel tip: Instead of having to worry about making jerky movements with your hand, the tips of the nozzles can be turned up to 360º. That will allow you to reach anywhere in your mouth without problems.
  • Paws: One of its peculiarities, and in turn one of its great advantages, is that it has legs at its basedesigned to be waterproof and offering a good grip to the irrigator. No matter how wet the surface gets, it won't slip!
  • Unbeatable price: A tabletop irrigator can be quite expensive. But it is not the expensive of this professional irrigator from TUREWELL. It is quite cheap, and accessible for any budget! In fact, if you have two bathrooms, you could buy one of each color so that each family member can use their own.
  • Acquisition of accessories and spare parts: Although it is designed to last for years, a problem can always arise, or you need an accessory that it does not come with. Don't worry, since TUREWELL sells separate packs with accessories for its irrigators, as well as spare parts for hoses or irrigators.

The benefits of cleaning your mouth with the TUREWELL tabletop oral irrigator

By including this item in your daily dental hygiene routine, your mouth will benefit from:

Removal of 99.9% more plaque than using a toothbrush.

Tartar removal.

Bad breath reduction.

Prevention of cavities.

Complete cleaning of the mouth, thanks to the rotation of the mouthpiece.

Quick and easy cleaning of the dental appliance.

Reduced gum bleeding, thanks to its lower level that massages the affected area. At the same time it reduces inflammation.

By combining water with a little mouthwash, 10 times more toxins are removed than using fluoride or just rinsing.

Disadvantages of TUREWELL dental tabletop irrigator

It is a quite interesting model, but it does not get rid of having the odd drawback that you should take into account when buying it:

  • The tank empties fast: Despite the fact that the tank has a large capacity, if you use it at maximum power it empties very quickly. Which will force you to fill it several times if you need a thorough cleaning of the mouth.
  • Noisy: Although it is less noisy than other models of the brand, it still emits a noise that can be quite annoying.
  • Memory: It is missing that it does not have a memorization system, which allows a personalized configuration to be programmed.
  • It has no timer: Due to a small oversight, you may forget to turn off the irrigator, so it is missing that it does not have a timing system that automatically disconnects it after two minutes, if it is not used (characteristics that most modern irrigators have). .

How to correctly use the TUREWELL professional oral irrigator

Now that you know all its advantages, and its small drawbacks, what do you think if we explain the steps to follow to use it? You will see that it is very simple:

  1. Once you have it assembled, put it on the sink. Although it includes legs, we advise you to place it on a smooth wooden surface to improve its grip.
  2. Remove the tank and fill it with warm water. Hot water can be used if you have a lot of tooth sensitivity.
  3. Place the nozzle you want to use on the irrigator, applying a little pressure. When it is securely attached, you will hear a “click”.
  4. Select the level of water pressure. To give you an idea, 1-3 is for children or people with dental sensitivity, 4-6 for medium power, 7-8 to remove small food debris or dental plaque, and 9-10 to clean brackets. or stuck food debris.
  5. Switch the irrigator switch to ON and begin cleaning, following the line drawn by your gums on your teeth.

If you are going to use the mouthpiece of the toothbrush, know that it only emits a small jet. It does not replace the conventional toothbrush, you will simply have to use it as an electric toothbrush.

TUREWELL Tabletop Flosser Review

Do you need a small demonstration to be convinced that this irrigator is the best option for you? Pay attention to the review that we leave you below!

What is the opinion of the users of the TUREWELL tabletop water irrigator?

Opinion 5/5 😄

The water comes out with good pressure, it is also adjustable, and it has many accessories to obtain a good cleaning. Regarding the size, it is compact and weighs little.

Opinion 3/5 😕

It takes up little space, which is very good, but when it comes to working it gets stuck and you have to press down for the water to come out well
It is not practical to store the different mouths that it brings because its design is not adequate

Opinion 1/5 😡

I bought it and after 2 weeks it no longer worked, don't waste your money, and instead of changing it the company ignores it

Final conclusions of the TUREWELL professional tabletop irrigator

Its greatest attraction is its excellent value for money. It is such a cheap irrigator that no matter how much budget you have, it will not affect you much when it comes to buying it.

It is perfect for those who going to use an irrigator for the first time, or are looking for an economical option. But, for those who have dental problems that require more thorough and professional treatment, it is not the best option because it does not have many functions. Which is a shame, because it includes a lot of mouthpieces.

Interested in purchasing the TUREWELL professional irrigator? Pay attention to the offer that we leave you below! You wont find it any cheaper.

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