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T500 electric toothbrush review

Washing your mouth with a conventional toothbrush barely removes 30% of the dirt, did you know? It is time for you to modernize a bit, and start using a electric toothbrushlike the model Xiaomi T500; An economic model with which to keep your mouth impeccable.

Features of Xiaomi T500 Electric Toothbrush

According to the manufacturer's specifications, these are the characteristics of the T500 electric toothbrush:

  • Size: 13.2 x 4.1 x 20.8cm
  • Weight: 200 grams.
  • Bristles: Soft.
  • White color.
  • pressure sensitivity.
  • timer.

Why is the Xiaomi T500 electric toothbrush at such a price?

From foundation in 2010the company has spanned different technology and home appliance sectors.

For most users, they will be known for their cell phones, but currently they manufacture products of all kinds. His politics? It is the same for your entire catalogue: offer quality products at a low price.

Thus, the Chinese brand launches one of the cheapest electric toothbrusheswith modest features and design, but which perfectly fulfills its main function: to help you take care of your mouth.

The advantages of brushing your teeth with the Xiaomi T500 electric toothbrush

If you start using the Xiaomi T500 brush, you will have access to the following advantages:

  • Improve the cleanliness of your mouth: An electric toothbrush is 60% more efficient than a conventional brush, since the rotation helps the bristles penetrate the spaces between the teeth, removing food debris.
  • Reduction of bacterial plaque: You will remove 50% more plaque than with a traditional toothbrush.
  • Relaxation of the teeth: The bristles of the brush are very soft, and the rotating movement will produce a light massage on your teeth that will be very pleasant for you.
  • Simple to use: To start it, you only have to press a touch button, nothing more. It does not have levels to regulate the rotation or other functions that may be annoying or complex.
  • Automatic shutdown timer: It has a timer function that automatically turns the brush off when it detects that it has not been used for more than 30 seconds.
  • Fast charge: The battery will be at 100% in just about three hours, and it will offer you a range of up to 15 days of interrupted use.

Other similar items

salesBestseller No. 3

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  • A daily professional clean feeling and a guided brushing experience thanks to 360º visible gum pressure control
  • Oral-B's exclusive 3D cleaning technology: oscillates, rotates and pulses to remove up to 100% more plaque for healthier gums than a manual toothbrush
  • Visible gum pressure control: if you brush too hard, it stops vibrating, slows down and visually alerts you by turning red to protect your gums
  • Dentist-inspired round brush head contours to each tooth for a deep clean that's gentle on gums
  • Rechargeable toothbrush with convenient long-lasting lithium-ion battery and battery level indicator

Bestseller No. 5

Sonic Electric Toothbrushes for Adults - Electric Toothbrush with 8 Heads, 5 Modes and 2-Minute Timer, IPX7 Waterproof Electric Toothbrush, Black Electric Brush, H7

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  • 8 Brush Heads Last 24 Months. – sonic toothbrush comes with 8 replacement brush heads; Each brush head lasts up to 3 months, so that will be over 24 months total; The brush is designed in a "U" shape and the heads can perfectly fit the gums and teeth topography, easy to reach deep between the teeth.
  • Forget the Hassles of Regular Charging – Lasts 60 days after 3 hours of full charge; Electric toothbrush comes with a USB charging cable to charge anywhere; IPX7 Waterproof design to easily rinse off water after each use.
  • Enjoy Private Customization – Sensitive mode is to protect your sensitive gums; The cleaning mode is for your daily dental care; The whitening mode can be used once a week; The polished mode is used to have brighter teeth; And finally, the massager mode can strengthen your teeth.
  • 2-Minute Timer – This Electric Toothbrush Incorporated a built-in 2-minute tooth brushing timer encourages you to achieve your dentist-recommended time, and with an interval pause every 30 seconds, it always lets you know when to replace the brushing area. brushing to encourage a healthy brushing habit.

Steps to correctly use the T500 electric toothbrush

Do you want to get the most out of your new T500 toothbrush? These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Charge the electric toothbrush in the charging base. Being the first time, it will take about 3 hours.
  2. Put some toothpaste on the bristles of the brush.
  3. Place the brush in your mouth.
  4. Press the button and start cleaning.

You must be very careful when using it, since rotating so fast it is not good for the bristles to come into contact with the gums, especially if they are inflamed.

Disadvantages of Xiaomi T500 Toothbrush

Does the Xiaomi T500 Toothbrush have disadvantages? Indeed, and you should take them into account before buying it:

  • You cannot regulate the power, which for some will be very annoying.
  • It's pretty simple for what it costs.
  • The power button is very sensitive, and you may inadvertently turn off the brush.
  • Some users have pointed out that the timer fails regularly.

Comparison of the Xiaomi T500 electric toothbrush with other models

What do users think about the Xiaomi T500 electric toothbrush?

Opinion 5/5 😄

It works very well, it cleans better than others, and it's cheap. I recommend not leaving it always plugged in because otherwise the battery deteriorates. Load it only when it asks for it, even if it seems that the base asks for it.

Opinion 3/5 😕

I come from a Pulsonic, which has less power in numbers than this, since it doesn't have as many oscillations. Now I am looking to recover it because the Xiaomi model stops pressing if you press too much and even the force as a brush remains a bit loose. So, let's see how I return to Oral B Pulsonic

Opinion 1/5 😡

I was very happy until a year after buying it, the red light began to blink, despite being charged, and it slowed down and in the end it doesn't even turn on anymore. A pity because I liked it a lot but if it only lasts a year it's not worth it.

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush Final Opinion

maybe not the most powerful electric toothbrush on the marketfor casual users or those looking for an alternative to traditional brushing, it is perfect, since its price is not very high.

Is easy to use, with the right power to guarantee good care of the mouth and a price according to its qualityalso counting on the guarantee of a brand that in little more than 10 years has become one of the great references in the market.

Would you like to get one? You can buy your new Xiaomi electric toothbrush right now at an unbeatable price with the offer that we leave you a little below.

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