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Synhope mini dental irrigator review

Traveling a lot is no excuse for neglecting the care of your teeth, especially when there are portable models on the market like the SYNHOPE brand mini dental irrigator. Throughout this review, we will make it very clear to you why it is an option that you should opt for.

SYNHOPE Mini Irrigator Features

Not only is it small and compact, it also has the following features:

  • Size: 29.31 x 10.59 x 4.39.
  • Weight: 340 grams.
  • Color: white.
  • Material: plastic.
  • Drums: 1 rechargeable lithium.
  • Telescopic water tank.
  • IPX7 waterproof.
  • 3 layout modes.
  • 4 nozzles.

Why is the SYNHOPE Travel Flosser at such a price?

You must keep one thing in mind: This irrigator is not made to replace a tabletop or cordless model.

Its function is to help you maintain your dental hygiene routine no matter where you are. Because it is so small, it can be kept in your pocket or bag, for use in a restaurant bathroom, office or hotel room.

With more than decent power to clean your mouth and the spaces between your teeth, its price is more than justified, don't you think?

The advantages of buying SYNHOPE mini portable dental irrigator

With so many models of portable irrigators on the market, why should you go for this mini SYNHOPE model? Read its advantages and you will discover it:

  • Small and retractable: The main feature, and at the same time its great advantage, of this irrigator is that it is retractable. When you are going to use it, you can extract the tank up to a certain limit, to make it a little bigger and more functional. Regarding its size, It's small enough to fit in your shirt pocket or purse.
  • Mouthpiece Storage: The irrigator has a small compartment in which you can store the nozzle that you are going to take with you. This is perfect if you want to use it after a lunch or dinner away from home. When going on a trip, it is more practical to take the mouthpieces separately.
  • Bag to carry it: A small bag is included in the box to store it. A small detail that will prevent you from losing it so easily.
  • 3 cleaning modes: Another of its great advantages. It has three modes of use (soft, pulse and strong), which you can choose by pressing the button on the irrigator. Each one serves for a type of cleaning.
  • Waterproof: It has the IPX7 seal, which means that It is waterproof and prevents leaks.. When you go to clean it, you can put it under the tap, and with a little water leave it like new.
  • Long duration battery: The model works with a lithium battery, which you can recharge whenever you want with a micro USB cable. According to the tests carried out, it can be used continuously in 30 days. Battery life is about 4 hours when at full power. Duration may be shorter when using full power.
  • 4 types of nozzles: This mini portable irrigator comes with four types of nozzles in its box. The first it is a standard mouthpiece for daily cleaning, followed by a periodontal mouthpiece for a gentler clean an orthodontic mouthpiece for those who wear braces or have had a crown and, finally, a mouthpiece to clean the mouth.
  • Great value for the price: Another of its great attractions is that its price is very affordable, comparable to the quality of the product. Made of plasticit is much more resistant than it may appear at first glance.
  • Total autonomy: By not depending on cables or tanks, it gives you total autonomy when using it. You can take it wherever you want, to use it to make sure that your wipes are very clean after each meal.

Benefits of using the SYNHOPE mini oral irrigator

What will be the benefits of deciding to buy the SYNHOPE brand mini portable irrigator?

  • You can clean your mouth anywhere. You will only need to fill the tank.
  • Eliminates bacteria from the tongue thanks to the exclusive head for this purpose.
  • Remove any remaining food that has stuck between the teeth.
  • With the help of its periodontal nozzle, it cleans the gaps in crowns or brackets easily.
  • Reduces bacterial plaque and bleeding gums.
  • With its lowest level, you can perform a gentle massage on the gums to reduce the sensation of sensitivity.
  • It helps to recover a little the natural color of the teeth.

How to correctly use the SYNHONE portable irrigator

At first you may feel a bit confused when using this irrigator, so let us show you the steps to follow to use it correctly:

  • After taking it out of its box, the first step is to charge the battery. It will take about 2 hours for your first charge. In the following, an hour will suffice for it to be at maximum power.
  • Remove the mouthpiece from the compartment, which is hidden right next to the compartment where you will be placing the mouthpiece.
  • Gently pull up to remove the water tank.
  • Fill the tank with warm water through the nozzle compartment.
  • Select the mode you want to use by holding down the power button for two seconds. The color of the light will indicate the type of mode: the green light is soft mode, the blue light is pulse mode, and the red light is strong mode.
  • Press the button again to start the irrigator.
  • When you're done, press the button again to turn it off.

When using this irrigator you should never mix it with mouthwash. It's a fairly basic model, and rinsing could ruin the mechanism.

Disadvantages of the portable SYNHOPE irrigator

Although this is one of the most practical portable irrigators, there are some disadvantages to mention:

  • It is quite heavy for how small it is. If you are going to carry it in your bag or suitcase it will not bother you, but if you carry it with you in your pocket it will be quite uncomfortable.
  • That the tank has to be refilled because of the compartment where the mouthpiece is stored is not very practical. That is why it is advisable to store the nozzles separately.
  • Can hard to remove the mouthpiece once you have finished using it. You will have to dry it first, and then pull with a little force to extract

SYNHOPE Mini Portable Oral Irrigator Review

Below, you can find both a complete video in which the manufacturer exposes the unique features of its irrigator, as well as a complete review of it:

What do users think about the SYNHOPE mini portable dental irrigator?

Opinion 5/5 😄

It's exactly like the ad and amazing powers. It has so much pressure that you have to be careful not to soak it all but come on, it's the best

Opinion 3/5 😕

Satisfied with the product in all its aspects, just point out that for a complete cleaning the tank has to be filled several times, it can be a nuisance but it is understandable for a more comfortable portability.

Opinion 1/5 😡

From the beginning, the system for putting on and removing the mouthpiece gave problems. Within days she got stuck and it was impossible to get her out. I contacted the seller and in a few days he sent me another irrigator.

Final Conclusions on the SYNHOPE Portable Irrigator

Without a doubt, this is one of the best portable irrigators on the market. Its mini size makes it perfect to take with you everywherenot only when you go on a trip.

Although it has some drawbacks, and its power is much lower than that of other larger models, it will come in handy to make sure you keep your teeth clean when you leave home.

Also, it is quite cheapso it is a good option to get by until you can afford another more complete model.

If you are interested in buying the SYNHOPE portable dental irrigator, we leave you with the best offer on the web for this product. Run or you'll run out of it!

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