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Solmira deformable irrigator review

Among the options you are considering to buy a dental irrigator, is the Solmira deformable irrigator?

It is a very interesting proposal, in which it is the device that changes shape, not having to depend so much on the rotation of the nozzle. Would you like to know more details? Keep reading!

Solmira deformable portable irrigator features

In addition to its peculiar, and exclusive, deformable design, when you buy this Solmira dental irrigator you will have access to the following features:

  • Size: 26.1 x 8.8 x 8.8cm
  • Weight: 420 grams.
  • smart battery
  • 3 nozzles.
  • IPX7 waterproof certificate.
  • Child lock system.
  • 4 modes of use.
  • Deformable.

Why is the Solmira cordless oral irrigator priced so high?

Solmira is a brand of Chinese origin specialized in the sale of intimate hygiene products, standing out for selling products of quality at an affordable price for any economy.

This irrigator stands out for having an exclusive characteristic of the brand: It is deformable. Although its design is not the most comfortable to use, thanks to this particularity, cleaning is much easier and more practical for the user.

With four modes of use that let you adjust the jet at will, and a perfect size to take on a trip, it's a great option instead of a bulky desktop irrigator.

The advantages of buying the Solmira portable dental irrigator

The truth is that it is a fairly basic model, so what will be the advantages of using it? We tell you!

  • timer: The first thing you should know is that this irrigator has a deprecation timer. In other words, when it detects no activity, after two minutes it will automatically turn off the irrigator.
  • Two possibilities to fill the tank: The water tank is located at the base, about 200 ml. about. This can be filled by separating it from the irrigator or through the cap that you will find on the back of it.
  • smart battery: It has an internal battery that will allow you to use the dental irrigator for 15 days. When loading it, it will be 100% in less than 3 hours.
  • Smooth base: Its base is completely smooth, which gives it good support when placing it in the sink. It is advisable to put it on a straight surface.
  • Waterproof: This irrigator is waterproof and waterproof, with the IPX7 Certificate.
  • Deformable: Its greatest peculiarity is that the irrigator can be deformed. By pressing a button that is located just above the ON/OFF button, you can tilt it and perform a more comfortable cleaning.
  • Four modes: The irrigator has four modes of use; H, M, L and P. H is the lowest level, while P is the most powerful.
  • Includes three nozzles: In the box you will find three nozzles, each one for a type of cleaning; the standard For daily cleaning, the inside for a deeper clean on the back of the teeth and the straight for the surface of the teeth.
  • It can be loaded anywhere: To charge it, you can not only use the plug, you can also connect it to the car charger, the laptop or an external battery.
  • Child lock: Although it is very simple to use, you may not like it very much for your children to play with it. Therefore, it has a locking system so that children cannot use it.
  • Very accessible price: It is one of the cheapest irrigators on the market. This will cheer you up if you've never used an irrigator before, because you'll be able to try the experience without having to invest a lot.
  • Nozzle Attachment: One of its great advantages is that when the mouthpiece is placed, it remains firmly attached until the release button is pressed. A great relief, because that way you won't have to worry about whether you've put it on the wrong way or if it's a little loose.

The benefits of using the deformable Solmira irrigator

Still don't know what are the benefits for your mouth of using a dental irrigator? With just one daily use, this is what you'll get!

  • A sensation of freshness throughout the mouth.
  • Elimination of bacterial plaque and tartar.
  • Removal of food debris that is trapped between the teeth, with 50% more efficiency than dental floss.
  • Cleaning the brackets very simple, and relaxing.
  • With its softest mode, you will be able to massage the gums, which will reduce the pain caused by dental sensitivity.
  • Prevents the appearance of cavities and bleeding gums.
  • Fight halitosis.

Disadvantages of the Solmira deformable dental irrigator

Being such a basic model, it is clear that we are going to remove some small defect that, in our opinion, cannot be ignored:

  • Too basic: It is a very simple model. The nozzles that it brings are for a simple cleaning of the mouth. If you suffer from any condition or need special care, it is best to opt for a more professional model.
  • A bit uncomfortable: Its design is not very ergonomic, and when the upper part is deformed it can be a bit uncomfortable to hold.
  • Small deposit: Perhaps its biggest drawback. Although it is a model designed, above all, for use on trips, it is quite small and you will have to fill it several times for a more thorough cleaning of your mouth.

The steps to use the Solmira portable oral irrigator

Just by looking at it you will have realized that it is one of the most basic models on the market. But the first time you may feel a bit lost, so we are going to show you how to use it step by step:

  • Charge the irrigator when you take it out of the box. It will take around three hours to be charged.
  • Fill the water tank, either by removing the upper part or through the cap on the back of the tank.
  • If you want to use the “warp” feature, you need to hold the button down and press with your fingers to tilt it. You will know that it cannot be deformed any more when you hear a "click".
  • Place the nozzle by exerting a little pressure.
  • Select the mode you are going to use by pressing the MODE button. Remember, H is the least powerful and P is the strongest.
  • Press the ON button and the cleaning begins, following the gum line.
  • Be sure to clean it at least every two weeks. To prevent the appearance of bacteria and other harmful agents for your mouth, clean the tank once a week. If you have used mouthwash, do so after use.

User opinions about the Solmira deformable dental hygiene irrigator

Opinion 5/5 😄

It's the first irrigator I've had, so I can't compare, but it works perfectly for what I need. That it has two positions of use, normal and pistol mode is very practical. And the rest, all good.

Opinion 3/5 😕

It should have more than a fixed power level. If the rest would be perfect

Opinion 1/5 😡

Very underpowered and difficult to drive. More suitable for children because of the pattern, but too cumbersome.

Final evaluation of the Solmira deformable irrigator

The brand proposed a very interesting idea, creating the first deformable irrigator. The idea was very good, but it is not very practical.

In addition, the fact that they do not include more than three types of nozzles is a problem, because you cannot do a deeper cleaning or, for example, if you use brackets or want to do a gentle cleaning of a tooth on which you have had a orthodontics.

Even with its small flaws, it is a very interesting proposal for those who have never used an irrigator, or who travel a lot and want a cheap model to take with them in their suitcase, since it hardly takes up space.

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