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Sawgmore 166 Irrigator Review

Economical, feature-rich, powerful and, above all, for the whole family: this is the Sawgmore 166 irrigatorone of the most economical and popular models on the market.

Will it serve to comply with your daily dental hygiene routine? You will discover it throughout our review.

Sawgmore 166 Irrigator Features

Here are all the features you need to know about the Sawgmore 166 Professional Flosser:

  • Size: 20.07 x 11.43 x 9.91 cm
  • Weight: 962 grams.
  • 10 pressure levels (from 30 to 125 PSI).
  • Pulse of water from 1,250 to 1,700 revolutions per minute (RPM).
  • Tank capacity: 600 ml.
  • 1 meter hose from the irrigator.
  • 8 types of nozzles.
  • Suction cups on the legs to guarantee their grip.
  • Waterproof

Why is the Sawgmore 166 irrigator that price?

It is one of the cheapest models on the market, and also one of the best sellers on the main online platforms.

For many, the fact that it is so low in price could make them doubt its quality, but nothing is further from the truth. It reaches up to 125 PSI, which allows you to remove any remains of food and get rid of the dirt on your teeth in a few seconds. Thanks to its eight nozzles you can clean your mouth comfortably.

Do not forget the length of the irrigator hose, which reaches the meter. Thanks to this, you won't have to lean uncomfortably over the sink to use it. You also won't have to worry about the irrigator slipping or falling, since it has suction cups on the legs.

With a very robust structure, this is the irrigator with the best value for money on the market.

Why choose the Sawgmore dental irrigator? These are your advantages!

You already know the benefits of using a dental irrigator, but what are the advantages of opting for this desktop irrigator?

  • Various types of nozzles: Its first big advantage is that it includes a total of 8 different nozzles. First we have to three ordinary nozzles, each with a different color at the base. So each family member can use theirs. Besides, it includes a mouthpiece for the tongueanother for orthodonticsanother for gingivitisanother for orthodontics and another specific to remove plaque.
  • 10 pressure levels: Using the wheel you can easily regulate the water pressure, with up to 10 levels that change the pressure of 30 to 125PSI in less than a second. Remember that level one is the lowest, and level 10 is the highest.
  • 600 ml tank: Is 600 ml more than enough for a complete cleaning of your mouth? They are, because they guarantee 90 seconds of water. In addition, it is removable, which will facilitate cleaning the device.
  • Simple to use: Its operation is so simple that children can use it without the need for an adult to supervise them.
  • Available in two colors: If you have two bathrooms at home, you can buy the two available color variants (black and white), so each family member can use it without having to wait for the other to finish.
  • Irrigator Hose Extension: One of the biggest disadvantages of tabletop irrigators is that the hose cord is usually very short. In this case, the extension is one meter! It will give you complete freedom of movement.
  • Suction cups for the legs: The legs include some advantages that will strengthen the grip over the sink. That way it won't matter what gets wet, or how wet the surface is. It won't fall off.
  • 360º turn: The nozzles can be rotated up to 360º, which will give you complete freedom to thoroughly clean your mouth and reach every corner.
  • Unbeatable price: It is one of the cheapest desktop irrigators on the market. This does not affect its quality, on the contrary, it is very resistant, both to shocks and to water!
  • Low noise level: Although irrigators are very beneficial for dental health, some models are very noisy. However, Sawgmore technicians have managed to make this model hardly make noise, and make it practically imperceptible.

All the benefits of using the Sawgmore 166 dental hygiene station

As soon as you start using this irrigator, you will get all these benefits for your mouth:

  • Complete cleaning of any corner of your mouth, including the tongue.
  • Elimination of 99.9% of bacterial plaque, tartar and 50% more food debris than dental floss.
  • Its toothbrush nozzle is more effective than the conventional brush.
  • Prevention of caries appearance.
  • You will be able to comfortably clean the teeth in which you have a filling, thanks to its orthodontic nozzle.
  • By mixing the water with mouthwash, you will get a sensation of freshness in the whole mouth, preventing halitosis.
  • Reduces bleeding gums.
  • Relieves dental sensitivity by massaging the gums with the water jet at its lowest level.

How to use the Sawgmore Tabletop Water Flosser

To use this irrigator correctly, we advise you to follow these steps:

  • Place the flosser on a smooth surface in the sink, making sure to press down on the suction cups so they stick well.
  • Connect the irrigator to the current.
  • Fill the tank with warm water (hot or cold water can be used, but room temperature is best).
  • Select the level of water pressure. The level 1-2 is for children or new users, the 3-5 for people with tooth sensitivitythe 6-8 for daily cleaning and the 9-10 for a deeper clean.
  • Place the nozzle you wish to use on the irrigator, applying a little pressure.
  • Put the button in the ON position to start the irrigator.
  • To properly clean your mouth with the irrigator, you must follow the line drawn by the gums on your teeth.

Can you use mouthwash? Yes, you can as long as it is mixed with water. That is, if you are going to fill the tank to its maximum capacity, that 550 ml be of water (it is poured first) and 50 ml. rinse.

User opinions about the Sawgmore 166 irrigator

Opinion 5/5 😄

Good price quality. It has power. It comes with several types of brushes, although the one I use the most is the classic one.

Opinion 3/5 😕

Several months of use and so far happy. The engine is still strong and everything works perfect. It removes all the pieces of food that remain between the teeth and then you brush with your usual toothpaste.

Opinion 1/5 😡

I had read comments that it came broken or in poor condition and it is true.
When you turned it on the first time, it couldn't even be used, water began to fall everywhere and the pressure is minimal even if you have several powers.

Other Sawgmore Oral Irrigator Features to Consider

Seems like a pretty complete model, right? Well, unfortunately, we couldn't help but get something wrong with it.

  • Missing features: It is a pity that, including so many types of nozzles, and allowing you to adjust the level of pressure, it does not include some extra functions to achieve a cleaning adapted to your needs. In other words, it is a very basic model.
  • Size: Although it is not the largest desktop irrigator on the market, it can be a bit of a "nuisance" having to find a place for it in your sink.
  • Power connection: It has to be continuously connected to the current to work, which will mean an extra cost of light.

Final Takeaways from the Sawgmore Benchtop Dental Flosser

Summarizing everything we have discussed above, it is a irrigator intended for casual users or those who have never used an irrigator.

Although it is true that it includes nozzles that are used to clean brackets, or for the care of dental implants, the problem is that it does not have specific functions for this type of cleaning. So in reality the only thing your teeth will receive is a stream of water.

Those who do not have dental problems will find this desktop irrigator a great ally to improve their daily oral cleaning routine. But, for those who need more specific care, they should look for another model.

Would you like to get an irrigator at the best price? Here below we leave you with the most outstanding offer on the net!

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