Pros and cons of the dental irrigator

We analyze the pros and cons of using a dental irrigator daily

More and more people decide to clean their teeth with dental irrigators. Many talk about its benefits, but really, what are the pros and cons of a dental irrigator for your mouth?

Pros of the dental irrigator

Using it regularly, you will get all these advantages:

  • Reduction of bacterial plaque formed by food.
  • Easy to remove food debris that is trapped between the teeth.
  • Frequent use helps prevent cavities, gum disease and serious mouth problems.
  • They serve to eliminate stains on the teeth, helping them to recover a little of their natural color.
  • It is not necessary to change them regularly, like toothbrushes.
  • Well used they become more effective than a toothbrush or oral floss.
  • They include various types of heads, which allow cleaning to be adapted to the specific needs of your mouth.
  • They are better for cleaning an orthodontic brace than a toothbrush.

Cons of the dental irrigator

Although they are very beneficial for your mouth, and have many advantages, dental irrigators also have some cons that you should take into account:

  • They can be more expensive than an electric toothbrush.
  • A lot of water is consumed during use.
  • Desktop models need to be continuously connected to the current to work, which increases the cost of light.
  • The filters are quite sensitive, and if they are used a lot they break easily.
  • Some models take up a lot of space in the sink, and are so heavy that they cannot be stored after each use.

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