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Panasonic EW1311G845 irrigator review

Simple, very comfortable to use and suitable for all family members. This is how we could define the portable irrigator of Panasonic.

Now is when you will ask yourself the big question: “Is it for you?”. We can't answer that, but we can help you make your decision with our review of the Panasonic EW1311G845 Electric Portable Water Flosser.

Features of the Panasonic EW1311 Cordless Irrigator

By purchasing this product, you will have access to the unique features of the Panasonic EW1311 portable irrigator:

  • Size: 7.5 x 5.9 x 19.7cm
  • Weight: 300 grams.
  • Tank capacity: 130 ml.
  • 1 lithium battery (Included).
  • 3 modes of use.
  • 4 nozzles.
  • Air In mode.

Why is the Panasonic EW1311 irrigator that price?

Panasonic is a well known brand all over the world for manufacturing high quality products. While the price may not be “very right for many” sometimes it is better for a little more to have a product that will last longer than a cheaper one and you will have to change in a few years.

With a powerful jet, it can easily replace a tabletop dental irrigator, guaranteeing a complete cleaning of the mouth. Designed more for those who need a quick cleaning, it can also be taken on a trip. Simply charge it at its charging station and it will last for several hours until the battery runs out.

Another reason for its price? The guarantee of having Panasonic's support service. Whether you buy this model or any other of the brand, whenever you have a problem they will be at your disposal to provide you with a solution.

Discover all the advantages of the Panasonic wireless dental irrigator

At first glance it seems a rather simple model. Will it offer you any advantage over other models on the market? Of course, we tell you!

  • Modes of use: The three modes of use are one of its greatest advantages. It offers two types of jets; the first is the mode Jet which shoots a normal stream of water and the second is the air in (you can choose the normal or soft mode) that shoots a stream of water with bubbles that produces a light massage on the gums and teeth.
  • Nozzles: The mouthpieces are all classic. Which can be a disadvantage, but it is easily replaced by the modes of use that it includes. Whether you wear braces, have a crown or need a thorough cleaning of your mouth, thanks to the Air In mode you can clean any area of ​​your mouth.
  • Perfect for traveling: For many it may be a bad thing that their deposit is so small. However, it is reasonable, since this irrigator has been specially designed to take on a trip.
  • Quick clean: With their 130 ml allows to clean the mouth for about 30-45 seconds. More than enough for a quick cleanup to remove any leftover food.
  • Battery duration: The battery lasts for about 15 minutes approximately. Which will allow you to use it for about 20 times or so before having to charge it.
  • Support for charging: One of its biggest attractions is that the irrigator includes a small base that works as a charging station. Not only can you place the irrigator to charge, it also has two spaces to place nozzles. So each family member can have theirs on hand whenever they want.
  • Lightning: The irrigator has different types of lights, to indicate the mode you are using, as well as one that will indicate the amount of energy left in the battery.
  • Various styles: It is not only available in various colors, but also in various styles. The only thing that changes a bit is the design and the name of the buttons. But they all offer the same functions.
  • Guarantee of a prestigious brand: Being from a brand as recognized as Panasonic, you have the guarantee that you will always find spare parts or that you can count on its technical support service when a problem arises.

Benefits of using Panasonic's professional electric irrigator

If you include this item in your daily dental hygiene routine, you will have access to all these benefits:

  • Eliminates plaque and tartar.
  • Reduction of bleeding gums, as well as relief in the affected area.
  • Complete cleaning between the teeth, removing any piece of food that may have been stuck.
  • The teeth will recover their natural color, making any stain disappear.
  • Perfect for cleaning brackets, leaving them like new.
  • Being a portable model, you can take it with you on a trip and clean your teeth anywhere.
  • Prevention of diseases or cavities.
  • Cleaning the tongue, reducing toxins and bacteria from food on it.

How to correctly use the Panasonic cordless irrigator

In order to use this irrigator correctly, we advise you to follow the steps indicated below:

  1. Place the charging station on the sink. We advise placing a base underneath, to ensure that it is on a smooth surface.
  2. Let the irrigator charge. It will take between 3-4 hours to be at full power.
  3. Once ready to use, press the ON button (the upper one) to turn on the irrigator.
  4. Press the SELECT button to choose the mode you want to use.
  5. Fill the water tank.
  6. Place the mouthpiece that you are going to use.
  7. Press the ON button again to start the irrigator and begin cleaning, following your gum line for a quick clean.

We do not advise you to use mouthwash with this irrigator, as it could damage the filters in the tube.

Disadvantages of the Panasonic Travel Irrigator

Designed especially for those who spend a lot of time away from home, what are the disadvantages of the EW1311 model that you should take into account?

  • The tank is too small. Other portable irrigators offer you more water capacity for a more thorough cleaning.
  • The battery does not last long. Although it is more intended for use outside the home, for those who are looking for an alternative to desktop irrigators it is a real problem, since it will mean spending more on electricity to charge it.
  • What do not bring more nozzles implies an extra expense.
  • Although it has very interesting modes of use, they are quite insufficient for effective cleaning of the mouth.

Panasonic EW1311 Electric Flosser Reviews

Take a closer look at the Panasonic EW1311 irrigator in action. You will see that it is very practical and, above all, very easy to use:

User reviews of the Panasonic EW1311 irrigator

Opinion 5/5 😄

I am very happy with it, it is powerful and the battery lasts a long time (several days). The only drawback that I put is that the tank is too small and in a few seconds it is used up if you hit the maximum power position. Apart from that it is a good quality product, it shows in the materials

Opinion 3/5 😕

It does not have the strength to clean bine and the deposit is very small

Opinion 1/5 😡

The truth is that I am not very happy with the product. The pulse is a bit uncomfortable and unmanageable, your mouth fills with water right away and you are more aware of expelling the water than hitting where you want to clean, the plastic tank makes the water taste like plastic which is very unpleasant, and It's not that portable either. In general, not very happy with the purchase.

Panasonic electric dental irrigator final view

Although it is among the 20 best-selling irrigators, it is a model that quite divides users. It has the advantage that It is small, ergonomic and its operation is very simple..

This makes it perfect for taking on a trip, but insufficient to use it on a daily basis at home. In other words, you should buy this irrigator if you are looking for an alternative for when you have to go on a trip and want to continue taking care of your mouth.

But, if what you want is a model that replaces your old desktop irrigator, and offers you the same, you should continue looking.

Is it the portable irrigator you wanted to buy? If so, pay attention to the offer that you will find a little below, because you will be able to get it at an unbeatable price with this offer!

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