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Oxyjet Oral-B Oral Irrigator Review

The brand Oral-B is one of the most prestigious in the dental hygiene sector. No one is surprised that its Oxyjet dental irrigator is the number 1 recommended by dentists, and preferred by users.

Features of the Oral-B Oxyjet dental irrigator

A unique model, which uses the exclusive technology of Oral-B, Oxyjet, and also has all these features:

  • Size: 17.09 x 18.8 x 23.19 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kilograms
  • Tank capacity: 600 ml.
  • 4 Oxyjet heads.
  • Power source: One Lithium Ion battery (Included) + Connection to the electric current.
  • Colors:: White blue.
  • Oxyjet technologywhich produces microbubbles of purified air to contribute to the health of the gums.
  • Allows you to adjust the water pressure with the pressure control selector.

Why is the Oxyjet tabletop irrigator so pricey?

The Braun model designed by Oral-B is inimitable. It stands out from its competition for using Oxyjet technology, which enriches the water with microbubbles that create a pleasant massaging sensation on the gums.

All this is possible thanks to the head, with a slightly smaller tip, which facilitates the expulsion of these bubbles. In addition, it allows you to regulate the water pressure according to the user's needs.

A complete two in one: While cleaning the teeth, it massages the gums so that they remain strong and healthy, thus avoiding problems such as bleeding gums or the accumulation of tartar.

All the advantages of the Oral-B dental irrigator with Oxyjet technology

Under the seal of a highly prestigious brand, no one would hesitate to invest in this desktop irrigator as their first option. Will that be enough to convince you?

These are all the advantages it offers:

  • Microbubble technology: Its great asset, a technology that emits microscopic bubbles that reach any part of the mouth, at the same time that it produces a pleasant and soft sensation of massage in the gums. Perfect for people with dental sensitivity.
  • Gentle cleaning: The device has a rotary irrigation system (responsible for generating microbubbles), which contributes to improving gum health while producing a gentle massage sensation.
  • Cleaning between the teeth: This irrigator guarantees 50% more effective cleaning between the teeth than classic dental floss.
  • Different power levels: You can adjust the power of the water with up to 5 pressure levels. For those who are very sensitive, the recommended level is 1. If you have to remove food debris, or clean a dental appliance in depth, increase the power to level 5.
  • Large capacity tank: Its 600-milliliter tank guarantees an interrupted cleaning of between 90 and 160 seconds, depending on the power level.
  • Simple to use: While other oral irrigators have multiple features that can get you a bit confused, this one is very simple. It is so basic that even the smallest of the house will learn to use it quickly.
  • Cable length: The length of the cable is perfect, close to 1 meter. You won't have to make sudden movements or get into uncomfortable positions to use it.
  • Easy to clean: This device is designed to withstand contact with water. Don't worry about getting it wet during cleaning.
  • Mouthwash can be used: If desired, a little mouthwash can be mixed into the water to ensure a more effective clean.
  • Two types of jet: From the handle of the irrigator you can select two types of jet. The monojet It will serve to clean specific areas, and the multijet to massage the gums.

Steps to correctly use the Oral-B Oxyjet dental irrigator

Anyone can learn to use this irrigator in a few easy steps; Big and small ones. Below, you will find the procedure that you must follow each time you use it:

  • Attach the nozzle to the irrigator handle.
  • Fill the tank with warm water. If you are going to use rinse, remember to fill the container with water first, then the rinse.
  • Start the irrigator.
  • Use the wheel on the right side to choose the water pressure. Level 1 is the softest power, and level 5 is the most powerful.
  • To give you an idea, the lowest level is for those who have very sensitive gums, suffer regular bleeding or for children. On the other hand, the most powerful one is used to kill bacterial plaque and remove food debris that has stuck to the teeth.
  • Select the jet function you are going to use.
  • Stand on top of the sink and begin to guide the mouthpiece over your teeth, following the line formed by your gums.
  • To activate the irrigator, remember that you must slide the switch on the handle. Once you're done, return it to its starting position.

There is something that should be very clear: although it is more effective than a toothbrush, and much more than dental floss, it is by no means a substitute for both. You should use it after brushing.

Other benefits of the Oral-B Oxyjet professional irrigator

Its main function you already know: It serves to clean your mouth. But what benefits does it really have for your mouth?

  • Reduces bleeding gums, helping to prevent it.
  • Removes 99.9% of plaque and tartar.
  • Helps reduce stains on the teeth, getting them to recover their natural color a bit.
  • Keeps brackets clean, eliminating the most difficult food remains.
  • It reaches anywhere in the mouth thanks to its microbubble technology, even the spaces between the teeth.
  • Eliminates bacteria, preventing the appearance of cavities.

Oral-B Oxyjet Reviews

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a hundred thousand. Through the reviews that we leave you below, you will be able to see the irrigator in operation.

You might want to check them out as they will help you decide if this is the model for you.

User reviews of the Oral-B Oxyjet professional dental irrigator

Opinion 5/5 😄

I like it because it is easy to use and because it completes oral hygiene. Especially when you already have more space between teeth and gums or have a bridge. It is perfect.

Opinion 3/5 😕

It cleans well, removes food debris, but I expected it to be a little more powerful. But even so, it suits me great. Very happy

Opinion 1/5 😡

It has worked correctly for about 1 year, from then on air began to come out along with the water, until yesterday when practically 80% is air and 20% water.

Other features Oral-B Oxyjet tabletop irrigator

You know how it works, you know all its advantages, and the benefits for your mouth. It might seem like the definitive model, but it has some other features that you will have to assess before buying it:

  • Does not include more types of nozzles: Other models include different types of nozzles that are better suited to the needs of users. For example, a special mouthpiece for orthodontics. They can be purchased separately, but it will entail an extra expense.
  • The power cord is not very long: While the cord connecting the irrigator is the perfect length, the power cord is much shorter. Make sure you have a plug near the sink so you don't have problems connecting it.
  • Less powerful than its predecessor: This model is a revision of an old one that Oral-B launched in 2012. Its quality is higher, but it is less powerful.

Bottom line on the Oxyjet dental irrigator

A robust design, very easy to use and uses a unique cleaning technology that no other can imitate. It does not surprise us at all that it repeats another year as the best-selling irrigator.

Its price is quite economical, it is very resistant Y the power of the jet It is ideal for any type of situation. When you need it, you can purchase nozzles, as well as spare parts for the irrigator, in packs. By itself, the Oxyjet mouthpiece already guarantees a complete cleaning of your mouth, but you can reinforce the effect with one of these accessories.

So that you can save on your purchase, below, you will find the best offer on the Oral-B Oxyjet irrigator market. Don't miss it!

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