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Oxyjet md20 irrigator review

Have you been thinking about buying an Oral-B irrigator for a long time? You have several options on the market, among which is the Oxyjet MD20 irrigator manufactured by the brand Braunone of Amazon's best sellers.

Would you like to know its specifications more thoroughly? Pay attention to our review!

Features of the Oral-B Oxyjet MD20 irrigator

These are the characteristics of this irrigator according to the manufacturer's instructions:

  • Size: ‎14 x 12 x 19cm
  • Weight: 998 grams.
  • Tank capacity: 600 ml.
  • 5 pressure levels.
  • Oxyjet technology.
  • Gray.
  • IPX7 water resistance.

Why is the Oxyjet MD20 dental irrigator at such a price?

The brand has launched many irrigators with Oxyjet technology, but with the model MD20 They wanted to reach a wider audience. reducing its size to make it better suited to small bathrooms.

Without ever sacrificing power, it offers the same as larger benchtop irrigators, including the Oral-B exclusive Oxyjet bubble technologyguaranteeing the most complete cleaning of the user's mouth.

Besides, includes several replacement nozzleswith the guarantee that you can get more accessories whenever you want in the same Oral-B store or by buying packs in other stores.

If you think that it guarantees the best cleaning of your mouth, the price of the Oral-B professional care oxyjet md20 dental irrigator is not that high, do you think?


Oral-B Oxyjet – Dental irrigator

  • hydropulsor
  • Microbubble technology to fight plaque bacteria
  • 2 modalities: Rotating irrigation to gently massage the gums or for a complete cleaning of the mouth
  • water pressure control
  • Includes: 4 Oxyjet irrigating nozzles

The advantages of using the Oxyjet Oral-B MD20 irrigator

Have you never heard of Oxyjet technology? These are all the advantages of using an irrigator that includes it!

  • Microbubble technology: The term Oxyjet refers to a microbubble technology that the mouthpieces exclusively designed by Oral-B expel, reducing gum inflammation or reducing tooth sensitivity.
  • Water pressure regulation: The power of this irrigator goes from 30 to 140 psi, and can be easily regulated by simply turning the wheel in up to 5 levels.
  • Large capacity tank: The water tank has a capacity of 600 ml, offering you several minutes of water. This will allow multiple family members to use it before the tank runs empty.
  • Cable length: The company fixed one of the main problems of the previous models; the length of the irrigator tube. This is more than 1 meter, granting total autonomy when using the irrigator.
  • Great resistance: Although it is true that it is missing that it has some legs that can improve friction with the surface of the sink, this irrigator has great resistance to shocks. In addition, it has the IPX7 Water Resistance Certificate, so you can get it wet without fear.
  • Care for the whole family: As it includes several mouthpieces, each family member can have their own, and thus guarantee the care of the teeth of the entire family nucleus.

Steps to correctly use the md20 Oral-B irrigator

Actually, the operation of this irrigator is quite simple, in fact, even the smallest of the house will be able to use it without problems.

We leave you the steps you will have to follow to use it correctly:

  1. Connect the irrigator to the current.
  2. Fill the reservoir with warm water (recommended for those with sensitive teeth).
  3. Place the head on the irrigator. It will suffice to apply a little pressure.
  4. Select the power level you want to use.
  5. Lean slightly over the sink, as it will splash a lot of water.
  6. Place the irrigator in your mouth.
  7. Press the button on the handle to start it up.

For a correct cleaning of the teeth with the md20 toothbrush, it is recommended to follow the pattern of the gums on the teeth.

Can you mix water with mouthwash to improve the quality of cleaning? Of course, but it adds just a little. For example, 575 ml of water and 25 ml of rinse. After using it, you will have to clean the tank well so that there are no remains.

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Other features of the Braun md20 irrigator

No one can deny that this irrigator has brought out the full potential of the Oral-B brand. Unfortunately, it has some drawbacks:

  • It is quite heavier than other models.
  • The tank is not removable, which makes it a bit uncomfortable to clean.
  • It has less power than its predecessors.
  • While it is true that Oxyjet technology is one of the best for cleaning the mouth, other types of nozzles are missing to customize cleaning.
  • As it does not have legs, it is easy for it to fall with a blow.

What is the opinion of users about the Braun md20 oxyjet irrigator?

Opinion 5/5 😄

I use it daily and it's great especially if you have implants
It has less power than the previous model, but makes up for it with the movement of the irrigator

Opinion 3/5 😕

Low power, nothing to do with the one I just removed (broken hose) and same brand, it loses water from the bottom of the container, I think that this causes the power in the water jet to fail. I use it but it does not perform as I am used to the ones I have had.

Opinion 1/5 😡

Unfortunately, the toothbrush, at all 4 speeds, creates an exaggerated tingling sensation on the lips and gums which, after a few minutes of use, seem anesthetized. Even the clean feeling after two minutes of brushing is not comparable to my old toothbrush

Final evaluation of the Oral-B oxyjet md20 irrigator

The oxyjet md20 irrigator is one of the best sellers on Amazon, and also one of the most valued. In addition, to offer all the guarantees of a highly prestigious brand such as Oral-B.

Although it does have some drawbacks, these will be quickly forgotten when you start using it and see the results. The technology oxyjet is the best for mouth careserving both those who suffer from dental sensitivity, gum inflammation or have a healthy mouth and are looking for a "reinforcement" for the care of their mouth.

Do not forget that it is a model designed for the whole family, so you will recover the investment in a very short time.

Would you be interested in getting this irrigator at the best price? Pay attention to the incredible offer that we leave you below!


Oral-B Oxyjet – Dental irrigator

  • hydropulsor
  • Microbubble technology to fight plaque bacteria
  • 2 modalities: Rotating irrigation to gently massage the gums or for a complete cleaning of the mouth
  • water pressure control
  • Includes: 4 Oxyjet irrigating nozzles

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