Ovonni irrigator does not work: possible causes and solutions

What is the reason that the ovonni irrigator does not work?

Using your Ovonni irrigator every day you will feel your mouth always clean. However, are you performing proper maintenance? If you neglect its care and cleaning, its useful life will be reduced and in a short time it will stop working.

The most common problems that your Ovonni irrigator may have and how to identify them

Let's see which ones are the most common problems in an Ovonni irrigator and how can you identify them:

  • Pressure reduction: Does your irrigator seem to have lost pressure? If you use the highest level, and the force of the jet is weak, it is because there is a stopper obstructing the flow of waterformed by minerals and lime contained in tap water.
  • Water leaks: To prevent water leakage, irrigators are made of waterproof materials. Some of these wear out with usefor example some small rubber bands that are attached to the tank. This causes water leaks. also can loosen the tube of the irrigatorthrough which the water reaches the mango.
  • Blockage in nozzles: Related to the first point, the concentration of minerals and lime in the water can cause the nozzle hole to become cloggedavoiding the passage of water.
  • shrill noise: All irrigators make noise, but this one is very low, so it is not annoying. if suddenly the noise is very loudit means that some part is loose or loose, and the irrigator cannot work properly.
  • The irrigator does not turn on: The power cord may have become loose, or the cord may not be working properly.

How to solve the failures of your Ovonni irrigator

Now that you know the most common causes why an Ovonni irrigator may not work correctly, how can you solve them?

pressure reduction

For this problem you have to clean the internal filters of the irrigator. Don't worry, you don't have to remove it.

What you should do is fill the tank with very hot water and 4 tablespoons of white vinegar. Stir until well mixed and start the irrigator.

When you have emptied half the tank, wait 20 minutes to repeat the process. This will completely clean the inside of the irrigator.

Is important that repeat the process again, but only with water, to clean the remains of vinegar. Besides, you must clean with soap and dry the water tank.

detect leaks

Turn on the irrigator to find the exact place where the irrigator is leaking water.

If it is from the tank, you will only have to buy some new rubbers to plug the leak. Is the problem the handle? Buy a new one and change it.

clean the nozzles

Is the problem the nozzles? Then soak them in a warm vinegar water solution for 15 minutes.

Dry them and try again to use them with the most powerful jet, so that when the rest of the dirt disappears from the inside.

Failure in the connection to the current

Here you have to be a little prudent, since not all irrigators allow you to connect and disconnect the cable at will.

Apply a little pressure to try to connect the power cable well. If it still doesn't work, replace it with a new one. If this is not possible, you will have to contact the Ovonni technical service.

The irrigator makes a lot of noise

Unless you have extensive engineering knowledge, we do not recommend disassembling the irrigator.

If it makes a lot of noise, it is a malfunctioning or loose part, so it is best to contact Ovonni customer service if the irrigator is still under warranty for you to fix it.

How to contact Ovonni's technical service

After all the solutions we have given you, does your irrigator still work badly? In that case you will have to contact the Ovonni technical service.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Enter the next page Web.
  • Fill in the fields with your name and email.
  • Specify in the MESSAGE box the problem you have.

You will only be able to contact them in English. In less than 48 hours they will answer your query.

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