Oral irrigator and orthodontic care

Why should you use a dental irrigator to clean your braces?

Many people must undergo orthodontics to get perfect teeth. A process that can be very annoying, especially during the cleaning process of the device.

Dentists recommend the use of the dental irrigator when wearing orthodontics. Is it as effective as they say? What is the best on the market?

What is orthodontics?

By orthodontics is meant the specialty that studies, corrects and prevents alterations in the teeth.

In other words, through different devices that apply force that produces small movements in the teeth and jawbonesmanaging to reposition the teeth, thus achieving a better functioning of the jaw.

This entails multiple benefits for the patient:

  • The teeth will look perfect.
  • periodontal health.
  • Stability when biting.
  • Temporomandibular joint health.
  • Improves the airways.

The best dental irrigator for brackets

In order to clean orthodontics well, it is recommended to use what is known as orthodontic brushwhich has much softer bristles than those of a conventional brush.

Unfortunately, these only manage to remove 50% of the dirt from the brace, which is why dentists often recommend using a dental irrigator for braces.

Benefits of the bracket irrigator

Benefits of cleaning an orthodontic with a dental irrigator

Why do experts recommend using an orthodontic irrigator? It is simple, due to its many benefits:

  • All irrigators include an exclusive mouthpiece for orthodontics, allowing you to customize the cleaning.
  • The pressurized water jet helps to remove any remaining food or bacteria from the irons.
  • The pressure of the water removes any remaining dirt trapped between the gaps of the teeth, a space that you cannot clean with dental floss when wearing braces.
  • The pressure of the water jet can be regulated, according to the sensitivity of the user.
  • The water penetrates inside the gums, removing any remaining dirt.
  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacterial plaque that accumulates on teeth and appliances.
  • It allows you to easily clean the teeth both front and back.

What is the best dental irrigator for orthodontics?

On the market there are almost fifty brands that sell oral irrigators, but very few are suitable for orthodontics.

In our opinion, the most appropriate for this task are the Oral-B brand oral irrigators.

You have two options:

Oral-B Oxyjet

It is the most popular irrigator of the brand, standing out for being a complete dental hygiene station.

Although it is true that it does not include any orthodontic head, it stands out for use Oxyjet technology, exclusive to the brand. The nozzle hole ejects small microbubbles along with the jets that when impacting on the teeth helps to detach any trace of dirt.


Oral-B Oxyjet Dental Irrigator with Microbubble Technology + 4 Replacement Heads

  • Oxyjet irrigator from Oral-B, the world's most dentist-recommended toothbrush brand
  • Enriches the water with microbubbles of purified air to contribute to the health of the gums
  • Cleans between the teeth: gently removes food debris
  • Adjust the water pressure from low to high with the pressure control dial
  • Contents: 1 Oxyjet cleaning system, 4 Oxyjet heads

Aquacare Pro-Expert

We could say that this irrigator is the portable version of the Oxyjet irrigator from Oral-B.

Uses the same microbubble technology than the desktop model, being more recommended for those who suffer from dental sensitivity or who have recently had orthodontics. The reason?

It has three modes of use; Intense, Medium and Sensitive, making it perfect for reducing discomfort caused by the device. In addition, being less powerful, the impact of the jet with the teeth is not as annoying.

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