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Oxyjet Oral-B Oral Irrigator Review

Is having so many products for your daily dental hygiene routine starting to be a problem? With the Oral-B PRO 2000 oral hygiene station you will never have that problem again!

A complete all-in-one, to ensure that both you and your family members get a perfect smile.

Features Oxyjet Oral-B Dental Irrigator

Oral-B PRO 2000 Dental Hygiene Station Features

To guarantee a perfect cleaning of your mouth, the Oral-B PRO 2000 irrigator has these features:

  • Size: 23.2 x 23.3 x 17.1 cm
  • Weight: 1 kilogram.
  • Includes electric toothbrush.
  • Tank capacity: 600 ml.
  • 7 heads.
  • Cable to connect it to the current.
  • 5 pressure levels.
  • Jet with microbubbles.

Why is the Oral-B PRO 2000 dental irrigator that price?

If you think that the PRO 2000 model is a complete dental care and hygiene station, its price is more than justified.

It incorporates all the functions of the Oral-B Oxyjet model, including its Oxyjet technology that produces small bubbles that produce a pleasant sensation when in contact with the gums.

On the other hand, it incorporates a powerful electric toothbrush, which is 60% more effective than a conventional brush. What separately could cost you a figure with two zeros, now you can buy it for a much lower price!

All the advantages of the Oral-B tabletop irrigator PRO 2000

In addition to having the guarantees of acquiring a product from a brand as recognized and prestigious as Oral-B, you will also have access to all these advantages:

  • 2 in 1: This station includes both the irrigator and an electric toothbrush. So now you can say goodbye to your old toothbrush to make room for your new dental hygiene station.
  • Large capacity tank: The water tank has a maximum capacity of 600ml. More than enough for two cleanings, even using the irrigator at maximum power.
  • Fast charge: Once you have finished using the electric toothbrush, it will automatically start charging when you place it back in the station.
  • Microbubble technology: This tabletop irrigator uses Oral-B's patented microbubble technology, which produces a light massaging sensation on the gums in your mouth.
  • Includes various nozzles: In the box are included four Oxyjet nozzles and various spare parts.
  • Easily find spare parts and accessories: If, even with everything this desktop dental irrigator offers you, you think you would need other irrigators, it won't be hard for you to find a very cheap pack. The same goes for spare parts.
  • 5 pressure levels: You can regulate the water, with up to 5 pressure levels, using the wheel on the side of the station.
  • Design that adapts to any space: It is a model that easily fits in any corner of the sink. In addition, its base is completely smooth, so you won't have to worry about it moving or slipping when it gets wet.
  • Perfect for healthy gums: Its microbubble technology not only serves to massage the gums, it also helps the water reach any corner of the mouth, eliminating food debris, toxins and bacteria, guaranteeing healthier gums.

Benefits of using the Oral-B PRO 2000 professional irrigator

With just a cleaning of 2-3 minutes a day, you will have access to all these benefits for your mouth:

  • Oxyjet technology serves to reduce gum inflammation, sensitivity and bleeding.
  • At maximum power, you will be able to clean any corner of your mouth or between the teeth, eliminating the accretion of the rest of the food.
  • By using the electric toothbrush, and then the irrigator, cleaning will be 99.9% more effective than if you used a conventional toothbrush and rinsing.
  • Reduces bacterial plaque, as well as removes toxins from the tongue.
  • It facilitates the cleaning of the dental apparatus, ending with the most difficult food remains.
  • By using it frequently you will get your teeth to recover their natural color, as it helps to remove stains and tartar.
  • If water is combined with a little rinse, it will be perfect to combat halitosis.

Other features to consider with the Oral-B PRO 2000 oral irrigator

The idea of ​​having an irrigator and an electric toothbrush in the same station is quite interesting, but this model is not free from having the odd drawback:

  • Price: For what it offers, the price is quite high. Other models of the brand are more complete and cheaper.
  • It makes quite a bit of noise: Although it is not the loudest on the market, it can be quite annoying.
  • Continuous connection to the current: It's a shame it doesn't include an internal battery. It must be continuously connected to the current to work, which implies an extra light expense.
  • It does not have a memory function: This is a big disadvantage. If, for example, you used the Air Filter function in your previous cleaning, the next time you use the irrigator you will have to select it again.
  • Too few nozzles: The heads that it includes are insufficient. You will have to acquire other ones that are more specific to remove plaque, or clean a tooth on which you have had orthodontics.
  • The tube is not of very good quality: A big but that we have found in this dental hygiene station is that the irrigator tube is not of very good quality. After a few uses you will have to change it for a new one.

What are the steps to correctly use the Oral-B PRO 2000 Benchtop Flosser?

Actually, using it is much easier than it may seem. We leave you the steps you must follow to use it correctly:

  • Assemble the hygiene station and place it on the sink. We recommend placing a smooth surface underneath, to give it greater support, since the legs are not of very good quality.
  • Remove the tank and fill it with warm water.
  • Use the wheel to select the level of water pressure. The one is the lowest level, for sensitive gums and children, and the 5 for the highest.
  • Select the type of jet. To do this, press the Air Filter button if you want a multi-jet. If not, don't touch anything and a single jet will come out.
  • Place the head you want to use.
  • Stand on top of the sink (you'll get quite a splash when using the irrigator) and start it by sliding the button on the handle.
  • The ideal is to start by following the line that the gums draw on the teeth, and then go down to clean the tooth.

If you want to use mouthwash, you will need to first fill the reservoir with water (about 550 – 575ml) and then pour out the rinse. Otherwise, the latter will first come into contact with the filters of the irrigator and could damage them.

What do users think of the Oral-B PRO 2000 hygiene station?

Opinion 5/5 😄

I find it very comfortable, in fact it is the second one I have, the previous one is very old, the best thing for me is pressurized water for interdental areas

Opinion 3/5 😕

I like the ease of use. Very important is the price achieved in an Amazon offer.
As negative I say my long experience with this product with very poor quality of the plastic tube that conducts the water. Its duration is short, it has a tendency to age and crack quickly.

Opinion 1/5 😡

bad result. I bought it in May 2021 and it stopped working in December 2022, that is, it did not last two years.

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Oral-B Dental Hygiene Station Final Opinion

Although it is one of the best-selling models, and one of the most recommended by professionals, it falls far short of other brand irrigators, such as the Smart 5 oral hygiene station.

More functions are missing, including heads that meet the specific needs of each user or that the legs offer greater grip so as not to have to worry about the sink getting too wet and "falling" when hit by accident.

And yet, despite these defects and shortcomings, users value this irrigator very positively, being a good option for those who need a quick and easy cleaning of the mouth. Remember that if you want more heads, you will have to buy them separately.

Is the price holding you back? Do not worry, because here we leave you an offer that you cannot refuse.

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