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Get to know the opinions about the dental irrigators of other users

To buy the best irrigator on the market, the best source of information is the evaluation of other userswhich allows you to know the strengths and weaknesses of each model.

What do those who have used this device think and which are the best rated?

What is the opinion of users of oral irrigators

In this section we have collected several of the opinions of users about oral irrigators:

Ladies and gentlemen, but above all gentlemen, because you have to be clear that this product must be used away from the bathroom and out of sight of our lady wife; You turn it on and put it in your mouth and after laughing a bit because of the tickling, you seriously look around and realize that it's all full of water, as if you had opened a sprinkler in the toilet drunk at 7 in the morning.
For the rest, it is the first time that I use it and after being clear that the next time it will be in a place similar to a mechanical workshop or an esplanade.


A great purchase, I used an electric brush and dental floss, but my teeth are very close together and I frequently had remains, in addition to accumulating tartar near the gums, with this I notice that they are perfectly clean, it is very quick and easy to use. I'm fed up with all the weird brush heads, but it's the best I've ever tried to clean teeth after brushing.


It reaches all places... where neither the brush nor the thread can reach... the pressure can be regulated... I don't think there is a better machine of this type.
I've had it for a long time and it's great!


I read many reviews before settling on this one… Many said it was too loud and noisy… many said it stopped working too soon…
Well I've been using it for almost a year and it still works perfectly fine… I'll explain how I use it, maybe that's the trick to make it last…
Considering that the device is a water pump, it does make some noise if you want it to reach a certain pressure but nothing massive.
I never stop it right away, I just let it run for a few seconds on the bottom setting before turning it off. And I never use the on/off button on the sprayer, I just use the dial with the sprayer in my mouth…
I've been using it for almost a year now and I'm very happy with it…I tried the travel ones but not that powerful…Even this size is small enough and I take it everywhere when I travel…
I can't go a single day without using it...
Highly recommended..


The device itself is very good, I have nothing negative to comment on. My three stars is for autonomy. After 4 years, the battery has gone from lasting one/two weeks with use three times a day, to lasting a maximum of two days. It is normal for batteries to begin to lose their efficiency after a certain period, but at least there is the possibility of replacing them and for this product this option does not exist. Now if I want to have a product that works like the first day, I have to buy another one again... gentlemen of waterpik, think about the planet... and extend the useful life of the product and if it is to earn more money, then think about the way to sell replacement battery for example... I find it embarrassing especially given the way things are today and I mean the environment. So whoever wants to buy this product clml said above is very good but knows that in 3/4 years he will have to buy again. I will now look at models that allow me to change the batteries. I hope this helps and that when you buy you don't just think about arriving as a good product, but also about the environmental impact it can have.


It perfectly fulfills the function for which it is designed. The battery lasts a long time and the tank, although it has to be refilled several times to complete a cleaning, is fine and easy to refill. I wish it had a little more power. The Low and Medium mode I think are of little use. Although it's larger than an electric toothbrush, it's much smaller than plug-in irrigators. Quite comfortable for traveling. Very comfortable to use.


The best valued oral irrigators in the opinions

Opinions on the oral douche are very mixed. As you will have verified, most praise the effectiveness of irrigators. But which model to buy?

Let's see what are the 5 best rated irrigators in user reviews:

Oral-B Pro 2000

It is one of the models most popular and most recommended by both users and industry experts. A complete dental hygiene station which includes an electric toothbrush and incorporates technology oxyjetexclusive to the brand.

I bought it on the recommendation of my parents, who have the version without a toothbrush and are super happy with it, and I can say that both the brush and the irrigator are a great product, it leaves an incredible feeling of cleanliness, perhaps as a negative point the strength of the irrigator, but I suppose it also depends a lot on the type of mouth, for me at level 5 it lacks strength and sometimes I have to use interdental archwires or floss for optimal cleaning, but for the price it has, it is not you can ask for more


Panasonic EW1511W503

A portable irrigator Perfect for those who need a quick mouth clean. with his charging stationit will always be at full capacity to fulfill its function.

I had a previous model from Panasonic that worked very well for 6 years.
This one is more comfortable for me to hold by hand, the tank is larger and the touch is more pleasant. I lacked the tongue cleaner that the other one had but otherwise it surpasses it in everything. Happy with the purchase.


Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 3000

The most popular desktop model of the Philips brand, multifunctional to get perfect teeth and smile. Very easy to use, and perfect for people with dental sensitivity and the little ones in the house.

I put on 3 battery-powered mouthwashes. They work pretty well at first, but over time and even during the usage phase, performance steadily declines. The only good thing about this is that it's easier to use without a cord. The stationary station is a bit more cumbersome. Our sink is thin, it fits in it. In order not to constantly see the cord, which must be plugged into the socket next to the socket mirror, I installed a magnetic device under the sink. However, the Philips oral irrigator works very precisely and thanks to the different intensity levels, even a beginner can slowly get used to it. I keep testing which of the two brushes seems better to me. My dentist said that if you have a good oral irrigator, you don't need to floss anymore. And especially since I have three bridges, this part is ideal. Along with the Philips Sonicare Diamond, for me the best toothbrush I've ever used, a super combo, and I used Colgate Total. For 2 years, the dentist has not found anything, not even tartar, that he had never had before.


Apiker APD-FC169

He tabletop irrigator with the best value for money, with multiple nozzles and various pressure levels. It is perfect for people with a low budget and who want to experience using an irrigator for the first time.

It came from using a Waterpik 660 with which I was very happy, but after almost 3 years of fairly intensive use, it stopped working overnight. Dead.

Since I needed a spare (because once you try this irrigator, there's no going back) and the Waterpik have gone up in price a lot, I was looking at other options and finally decided on this model.

Aesthetically it is quite nice and the size of the set is similar to the Waterpik, although it has a bit more "toy" appearance than this.
The water tank is 50 ml smaller, but it does not influence too much because even filling it to the maximum it is not usually consumed (it all depends on how long you are there and the power you use)


Waterpik WF-05EU

Of all the models that the Waterpik brand has on the market, the WF-05EU is the best valued on the market. A desktop irrigator very simple, but very powerful that guarantees optimal results.

I have been buying it for many years. The best brand and with a correct after-sales service within the 2-year guarantee. If it breaks out of warranty better buy a new one. VERY IMPORTANT: "Unplug from the power" from the wall base after each use, because otherwise it will be damaged over time. To clean limescale from the entire internal system circuit, periodically clean with water and vinegar as indicated in its instructions. Recommendable.


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