Nevadent irrigator does not work: how to fix it

Why is your NEvadent irrigator not working?

Do you have a Nevadent irrigator and have you noticed that it has lost some pressure lately? We have good news for you: the irrigator may not be completely broken. We are going to see the possible causes why your Nevadent irrigator does not work at full power and how to solve them.

The reasons why your Nevadent irrigator could stop working or lose pressure

Among the most common causes for an irrigator to stop working are:

  • Plug in filters or irrigator tubing: This should not surprise you, because it is very common in sinks and sinks. With the use, the minerals in the water stick to the walls of the filters and tubes of the irrigator. As time progresses, they form a stopper through which water cannot pass.
  • Connection failed: It is normal for the connections to "loosen" with use, especially the tube or the power supply.
  • leaks: All irrigators are leak proof design. For example, the desktop models have "some plugs" that prevent water from leaking, or the wireless ones have a small rubber on the tanks. Over time, these wear out. It is also possible that the tube of the irrigator have a small hole.
  • Noise: It is normal for the irrigator to make a little noise when in use, but if it becomes very loud and unbearable, there is something wrong with the mechanism.

How to fix your Nevadent irrigator according to the type of failure it has

Let's see how you can solve the different problems of your Nevadent irrigator that we have seen in the previous point:

Thoroughly clean the irrigator

To finish with the stopper you have to Pour into the tank a mixture of water with about 2-4 tablespoons of white vinegar.

The amount of vinegar varies according to the capacity of the tank:

  • 125-150ml: 1 tablespoon.
  • 175-300ml: 2 tbsp.
  • Up to 600 ml: 3 tbsp.
  • Up to 1000 ml: 4 tbsp.

After stirring the mixture, activate the irrigator and shoot the jet towards the sinkuntil empty half tank. Wait about 20 minutes and repeat the process. In cordless irrigators repeat the process twice.

When you've done that, repeat the process, but only with waterto clean the filters and the vinegar residue tank.

For the nozzlesyou must dip them in the same mixture for about 10 minutes to thoroughly clean the holes. This mixture can also be used to clean irrigator handles for about 15 minutes.

Check the connection

Sometimes the problem is in the connection. have you checked that the power cord is properly connected? That the tube of the irrigator is well hooked?

If it still doesn't work, If the irrigator uses a battery, it is time to change it. Typically, irrigators use mAh batteries. that can be found in any store.

avoid leaks

Plug in the irrigator and leave it running in the sink to check where the water is leaking. The most common places are the reservoir and irrigator tube.

In the first case, it is enough to replace plugs. In the second case, you will have to change the whole part.

It is possible that the leak is in the orifice of the irrigatorso it checks if there is something plugging the hole that prevents the mouthpiece from being inserted correctly.

The irrigator makes a lot of noise

In this case, there is a more serious problem, because it means that some part is loose.

The only solution is to contact Nevadent customer service to have the defective parts replaced.

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