Lacer 167891 Hydro Oral Irrigator

Review lacer 167891 hydro oral irrigator

LACER has multiple irrigators on the market, but none can compare to your model Hydro oral irrigator 167891, one of the most complete and simple. Would you like to know more? In that case, read our review carefully!

Features of the Lacer 167891 hydro oral irrigator

According to the brand, these are the characteristics that make this hydro irrigator unique:

  • Size: ‎17 x 8 x 12cm
  • Weight: 200 grams.
  • Tank capacity: 500 ml.
  • Hydrodynamic technology.
  • Includes 6 nozzles.
  • IPX7 water resistance.
  • 2 modes of use.
  • 7 pressure levels.

Why is the 167891 hydro flosser at such a price?

Lacer engineers, in collaboration with various dentists and oral hygiene experts, have worked closely to design an irrigator capable of satisfying the needs of any type of user.

By buying this irrigator you will not be acquiring just a complement to clean your mouth, it will be an essential ally to guarantee the good health of your teeth. With a complete set of heads, and features that make it unique, along with the exclusive hydrodynamic technology of the brandIt is a unique product on the market.

If even with all this you do not think that its price is justified, think that the stamp of the brand printed on the irrigator is a guarantee of quality, counting on its customer service at all times to solve any problem.

The advantages of using the Lacer 167891 irrigator

When buying any product it is normal to consider several options. For this reason, we are going to talk to you about all the advantages of the 167891 desktop irrigator, so that you take them into account when making a decision:

  • Fits in any space: Its design is designed so that the irrigator can be placed in any type of bathroom, regardless of its size, and that it does not take up too much space from the sink.
  • Various types of heads: In the box you will find 2 toothbrush nozzles, two basic, one periodontal and one for orthodontics. Each one will allow you to customize the cleaning of your mouth, achieving a more complete cleaning than any other irrigator would offer you.
  • Large capacity tank: Its water tank has enough capacity for two people to use it. You will not need to fill it every time. In addition, it is very easy to clean, which is a handicap for this irrigator.
  • Pressure levels: With the wheel you can regulate the water pressure up to 7 levelswith 1 being the lowest and 7 being the most powerful.
  • Two modes of use: On the irrigator handle you can select between two modes of use, one that will use the hydrodynamic jet and another that will be the normal jet.
  • Very easy to use: Compared to other irrigators, which have so many features to customize, this one is much easier to use, offering you the same.
  • Price: Do you think the price is a disadvantage? Not much less! If you think about everything it offers you and even, it is a very cheap irrigator.
  • Lacer brand guarantee: Finally, we cannot forget the most important advantage, and it is the guarantee of having the Lacer brand on your side, being able to get spare parts or more accessories whenever you need it.

Other features of the Lacer 167891 tabletop irrigator

This hydro oral irrigator may seem perfect, but it has some other drawbacks that you should assess before making your purchase:

  • Its simplicity can throw off more than one person, especially if they need an irrigator that allows them to completely customize the cleaning of their mouth.
  • It is missing that it includes a more specific mouthpiece.
  • It does not have legs that improve the grip in the sink.
  • The irrigator sleeve is not very comfortable to wear.

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  • 【Take up little space】 It is very small and easy to carry, so you can take it to work or travel and use it at any time.

How to use the 167891 Lacer hydro irrigator step by step

We leave you this little guide so you can see how easy it is to use this irrigator. And, if you decide to buy it, it will help you know what to do the first time you use it:

  1. Connect the irrigator to the current.
  2. Fill the tank with warm water (advisable for those who suffer from dental sensitivity).
  3. Turn the wheel to choose the level of pressure you want to use. Remember, level 1 is the lowest, and level 7 is the most powerful.
  4. Place the nozzle on the handle, pressing until you hear a "click".
  5. Turn on the irrigator.
  6. Lean slightly over the sink.
  7. Position the irrigator nozzle close to the teeth.
  8. Press the button for the mode you want to use to start it.

For a good cleaning, it is recommended to follow the line drawn by the gums on the teeth, both on the front and on the inside. Remember that if you wear a crown it is advisable to use the orthodontic irrigator on that tooth.

Another detail to keep in mind is that if you decide to brush your teeth with the brush head, remember that it is not a substitute for cleaning the irrigator nor is it electric.

Opinions from the users of the 167891 Lacer hydro oral irrigator

Opinion 5/5 😄

It is very effective in keeping places inaccessible to brushing and flossing free of debris.

Opinion 3/5 😕

I bought the hydro irrigator because it was recommended by my dentist, the only thing we use is the irrigator, the fine nozzle because everything else doesn't do much, the tongue cleaner is very small, and the brush head has no force it doesn't seem neither electric goes with a battery and the vibrations are not noticeable

Opinion 1/5 😡

Perfect for 6 months, but now it doesn't work and there's no way for me to answer, the external seller, I bought another one from Amazon and according to the external seller, it has little responsibility.

Final evaluation of Lacer 167891 Hydro Oral Irrigator

The brand launched this irrigator as a better value for money alternative to high-end models. Its price may be a bit high, but it is a long-term investment in the dental health of the whole family.

The benefits it offers are more than enough to clean the mouth, whether it is healthy or has a problem. In addition, it should be remembered that if it has a fault, you have the brand's guarantee and, if you need more parts, you can buy them at its official store or at its hundreds of official distribution points.

Add to that that its mechanism is quite simple to use, so even the little ones in the house can clean their mouths with this irrigator without having to keep an eye on them.

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