If you are going to compare a dental irrigator, read this before

We explain how to choose a dental irrigator and which one to buy

Either because it has been recommended to you by a dentist, a friend or by your own decision, You should not rush when buying a dental irrigator.

Take your time to analyze each oral irrigator before deciding which one to buy and, above all, keep in mind the points that we indicate below.

5 things to consider before buying an oral irrigator

While you are looking at the different models on the market, it would be good for you to assess these five points that we are going to mention:

The irrigator is not a substitute for the toothbrush

Mistakenly, many believe that using an irrigator means never having to use a toothbrush again.

Big mistake. the irrigator will never be a substitute for the brushsince what it does is improve cleaning if complemented with it.

The experience of the brand is worth more than the price

It is not bad to look at the price. However, sometimes it is better to pay a little more for a name brand than for a white one with which you will have to change the irrigator shortly after.

For example, you have the waterpik brand in which you will find multiple irrigators. Which brand to buy? It will depend a bit on your needs.

The more extras you include, the better.

All irrigators include what are known as "standard or basic nozzles", that is, they only shoot the water stream.

Besides, they can also include orthodontic, periodontal mouthpieces… Or, in the case of a wireless model, a travel bag. Remember: Pay less for more, otherwise the extras will have to be purchased separately.

What are the needs of your mouth?

The most important thing when choosing an irrigator is not the price, it is prioritizing the needs of your mouth.

What problems do you have? What kind of cleaning do you need? Do you have tooth sensitivity? Do you have crowns or implants? Keep all this in mind while you analyze the characteristics of the irrigators that interest youDon't go buying one that doesn't work for you.

The experience of other users will be very valuable to you

Do you know the best place to get top-notch information on the quality of an irrigator? The Opinions and ratings of other users.

Through their experiences you will know What are the most common problems, the advantages and how other people have fared They may have your same problems.

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