How to use dental irrigator with brackets?

We explain how to use oral irrigator brackets

During orthodontic treatment, dentists place special emphasis on the need for extreme oral hygiene, to avoid problems such as the appearance of cavities or gingivitis. For this, they usually recommend using a dental irrigator to clean the brackets.

Throughout this article, in Max Flosser what it is and how to use a dental irrigator with brackets to achieve a perfect dental cleaning.

What is a dental irrigator and why is it useful for braces?

The irrigators are small devices connected by a tube to a water tank that They expel a powerful jet of water under pressureadjustable at various levels, which allow you to change the power of the water from 30 to 145psi.

Now, why is it recommended to use an oral irrigator for brackets?

Reasons to use an oral irrigator to clean brackets
  • the stream of water helps to easily remove any remaining food that can get caught between the threads.
  • The contact of the jet with the teeth and gums produces a relaxing effectsince it is as if massaging the area, reducing the discomfort of orthodontics.
  • The nozzles of the irrigators can be rotated 360ºwhich allows reaching any corner of the mouth, easily cleaning the internal and external part of the teeth.
  • the jet penetrates the periodontal pockets of the gumsexpelling remains of food, germs and bacteria, avoiding suffering from certain pathologies such as gingival retraction.
  • weakens the bacterial plaque that forms around the bracketsfacilitating its removal with the toothbrush.
  • You can mix water with mouthwashmaking cleaning more effective.
  • By having various levels of pressure, you can regulate the power of the jet so that cleaning your mouth does not bother you.
  • All irrigators include a orthodontic mouthpieceintended for cleaning brackets.

Steps to follow to use the dental irrigator with brackets

In order to get the best result when using the oral irrigator to clean your brackets, be sure to follow the steps below:

We explain how to use a dental irrigator for brackets
  1. Fill the water tank with warm water, so that the contact of the water with your mouth is not so annoying.
  2. Place the orthodontic tip on the irrigator handle. Normally, a little pressure is enough to make it fit. Make sure you can rotate it well without it coming loose.
  3. Select the pressure level with the dial, or the MODE button. It is usually recommended to start with the lowest and gradually increase the pressure.
  4. Lean over the sink, placing the tip of the irrigator in your mouth, without letting it touch the tooth.
  5. Press the ON button and start cleaning, slightly closing the lips to avoid splashes.
  6. For a good cleaning, it is recommended to aim the jet towards the gum line, and then gradually go down until cleaning the entire tooth.

According to dentists, to properly clean brackets with an irrigator, you must first clean the periodontal pocket, that is, the line between the tooth and the gum, and then pass the brush through the bracket area and thus prevent them from remaining Trapped debris.

Never let the jet come in contact with the teeth for more than 2 seconds. Remember pausing the irrigator from time to time to spit out the water that accumulates in your mouth.

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