How to correctly use the Water Flosser?

Learn how to use the water flosser

More and more people are looking for various alternatives to improve the cleanliness of their mouth. One of the most popular is to use a Water Flosser. You do not know what it is? Do you have doubts about how it works? Keep reading, because we will clear all your doubts.

Is Water Flosser the same as dental irrigator?

The quick answer would be: Yes, it is the same. The English term Water Flosser would be translated as "water dental floss", but we commonly know it as dental or oral irrigator.

The first irrigator appeared on the market in 1962created in collaboration between engineer John Mattingly and the dentist Gerald Moyer under the brand seal Aqua Tec Corporation. This brand is what we know today as Water Pikor Waterpik, and is the one with which the term Water Flosser is usually associated.

Learn how to use the Water Flosser step by step

You can buy the best Water Flosser on the market, but how can you use it to get sparkling teeth for a perfect smile?

Follow the steps that we indicate below, you will see that it is a very easy to use article:

Step 1 – Prepare the Water Flosser

The first thing you should do is prepare the irrigator for use. There are three types of models on the market: the desktop ones that work with electricity, the portable ones that work with battery and the tap ones thatas its name indicates, connect directly to the faucet.

Make sure you have it ready to go and put the mouthpiece you want to use. Installing it is very simple, since you only have to apply a little pressure until you hear a "click".

Step 2 – Fill the reservoir with warm water

It's advisable always use lukewarm water when using a Water Flosser, so that the contact of the jet with the teeth is not so annoying.

Step 3 – Select the power of the water and the mode of use

According to the model, the level of pressure and the mode of use is regulated with a dial. This is normally only for benchtop irrigators.

The laptops have a second button to choose the pressure level or mode.

Step 4 – Place the irrigator in your mouth

Place the mouthpiece inside your mouth, without touching the teeth or gumsand lean slightly over the sink. The latter is to prevent the splashes caused by the impact of the jet with your teeth from falling to the ground.

All the tricks of the Water Flosser and how to use it correctly

Step 5 – Perform the cleaning

Press the ON button located on the handle of the water flosser to clean your mouth.

It is recommended to follow the interdental lines of the gums, that is, the line between the gums and the teeth. According to experts, each tooth needs to be cleaned for approximately two seconds (longer time could damage it).

You will notice how water accumulates in your mouth, so you can stop the irrigator to spit it out.

Step 6 – Turn off the irrigator

When you finish using it, always remember to turn off the irrigator. It is true that today most models have a timer that automatically turns off after 2-3 minutes, but you have to be careful.

Before storing the appliance, don't forget to clean the used nozzle and empty the tank.

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