How to charge Waterpik Water Flosser correctly

We explain step by step how to load your Waterpik water Flosser irrigator

Have you bought a Waterpik, but have no idea how to charge it? Don't worry, we have prepared a small guide so you know what you should do depending on the model you have at home.

How to charge Waterpik Water Flosser depending on the model and type of charger

Waterpik sells two types of irrigator models, each with its own power source:


Waterpik tabletop irrigators incorporate an internal battery that works with current, that is, you must connect the cable to the socket.

However, if you bought an old modelThey were battery operated. Can use rechargeable batteries, but this will only give you about 10 days of use. The best will always be connect it directly to the electrical current every time you want to use it.


If you have bought a wireless model, it is most likely that it is only include a microUSB cablecorrect?

So how will you charge your Waterpik irrigator without a plug? Very simple, you can connect it to any device with a USB portfor example:

  • Laptop.
  • car charger.
  • Console.
  • Mobile charging station.
  • Plug with USB port.
  • TV.

If you prefer to use the traditional method, you can buy a plug to connect the wire. Although, if you have bought one of the latest Waterpik models, they already include this connector.

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