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Homgeek Upgrade Water Flosser Review

homgeek breaks into the dental irrigator market with its model Upgrade Water Flossera desktop model designed for the whole family.

Features of the Homgeek Upgrade Water Flosser

These are the unique features of the Homgeek tabletop irrigator:

  • Size: 12x8x18cm
  • Weight: 450 grams.
  • Tank capacity: 600 ml.
  • Includes 7 nozzles.
  • 10 pressure levels.
  • IPX7 water resistance.

Why is the Homgeek Upgrade Water Flosser table top priced?

Since his birth, homgeek it wanted to become an economical alternative for users, with the aim that everyone would have opportunities to purchase its products and take care of their mouths.

So they launched the Upgrade Water Flosser, with the same benefits and characteristics as a high-end model, but much cheaper. Manufactured with a robust structure, and using the latest technological advances, it is one of the most powerful irrigators on the market.

The advantages of using the Homgeek Upgrade Water Flosser

By including this irrigator in your daily hygiene routine, you will have access to all these advantages:

  • Efficient teeth cleaning: The jet reaches a power of 1700rpmwhich guarantees a complete cleaning, reaching every corner to eliminate debris and bacteria.
  • Pressure regulation: By regulating the pressure with the wheel you can change the force of the jet of 30 to 125psiaccording to your specific needs.
  • Deposit duration: With their 600ml the water tank gives you between 2-4 minutes interrupted jet, depending on the pressure level. That will give you plenty of time to calmly clean your mouth without worrying about running out of water.
  • Different types of nozzles: In addition to the classic mouthpieces, it includes a tongue scraper, a periodontal tip, an orthodontic tip and a dental plaque tip. Each member of the family will be able to personalize the cleaning of their mouth according to their specific needs.
  • Legs to improve support: At its base, the irrigator has feet that improve friction with the sink surface. It won't matter what gets wet, it won't slip.
  • leak proof: Homgeek's FDA irrigator is designed to be leak-proof. The materials are resistant, and prevent water from leaking through the tube or tank.

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How to use the Homgeek Upgrade Water Flosser

To get the most out of this irrigator, we advise you to follow these steps:

  1. Connect the irrigator to the current.
  2. Fill the reservoir with lukewarm water.
  3. Insert the nozzle you wish to use into the handle.
  4. Turn the dial to choose the level of pressure to use (we advise you to start with the lowest and gradually increase it).
  5. Lean slightly over the sink and place the mouthpiece in your mouth.
  6. Press the switch on the handle to activate the irrigator.
  7. Follow the line of your gums over the teeth to clean, taking no more than a couple of seconds to change teeth.

Disadvantages of the Homgeek Upgrade Water Flosser tabletop irrigator

As an option it is quite interesting, but you should take into account the following disadvantages:

  • If any part fails, you will not find a replacement.
  • The nozzles are quite fragile and break easily.
  • It takes a bit to rewind the handle cord.
  • For some users it may be underpowered, even at maximum level.

Homgeek Upgrade Water Flosser Review

Do you want to see the irrigator in operation? Do not miss the review that we leave you below!

Final evaluation of the Homgeek Upgrade Water Flosser irrigator

Homgeek achieved its goal: Launch an irrigator on the market for a Accesible price with a complete set of nozzlescovering the needs of any type of user.

Besides, it is so easy to use which, at lower power levels, is ideal for accustoming the little ones to a correct dental hygiene routine.

Despite its small disadvantages, it should not be ruled out as a possible purchase, as a cheap alternative if you want to try an irrigator for the first time.

Unfortunately, right now it is not available on Amazon, but we leave you other alternatives that might interest you.

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