Dental irrigator: what is it for?

We explain the dental irrigator for what it is used

Your dentist may have once recommended that you use an irrigator to clean your mouth. But, exactly, what is the dental irrigator for and who can use it? Let us, in Max Flosserlet's get you out of doubt on this issue.

What is a dental irrigator used for?

Ask yourself "The oral irrigator, what is it for?" it is something very common. You have seen them a lot in dentists' offices; They are those small tubes that expel a stream of water and are used in cleaning.

But, exactly, what does a dental irrigator do in your mouth to make its use so recommended?

  • Thanks to the pressurized water jet, removes up to 99.9% of bacterial plaquesince it is easier to detach it and then remove it with the toothbrush.
  • How it allows to reach any part of the mouth, prevents the appearance of cavities, halitosis or gingivitiseliminating the 99% of germs and bacteria.
  • We could say that the The main function of the dental irrigator is to clean the periodontal pockets of the gums.which not only prevents gingivitis, but also reduces tooth sensitivity.
  • It is usually recommended for people who wear orthodontics or bracessince the irrigator is used to easily clean the device with the help of its orthodontic head.
What is the oral irrigator for and when should you use it?

Have we answered the question "irrigated, what is it for?" There is still much more:

  • If it includes a mouthpiece for the tongue, you will be able to remove the white spot that is formed by bacteria of food.
  • With the periodontal mouthpiece you can easily remove any remaining plaque, helping the teeth gradually recover their natural color.
  • In the warehouse you can mix water with mouthwashtripling the effectiveness of cleaning and leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness in your mouth.
  • For the little ones in the house it can be very fun to use it, serving for accustom them to a correct cleaning routine dental.
  • It is more practical, and less annoying, for remove food that gets stuck between the gaps of the teeth.

What is a dental irrigator not for?

Now that you are clear about what an irrigator is for, are there any contraindications? Well, well, it is true that this product It is recommended for everyoneHowever, there are very specific cases in which it is not recommended to use it.

For example, people with mouth sores. Until the wounds have closed, they should not use it. not just because the contact of the jet with the wound could be annoyingis that this could make the wound bigger or help bacteria to enter inside it.

In these cases, users are recommended to use only the toothbrush, mouthwash and dental floss until the pathology is cured.
It is also not recommended to use when you have an open cavitysince the jet could come into contact with the nerve of the tooth and cause very unpleasant pain for the user. If you have had a fillingdo not use the irrigator until the next day to ensure that the substance settles well on the tooth.

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