Dental irrigator contraindications? The risks that no one tells you

Know what a dental irrigator is contraindications

Using the dental irrigator to clean the teeth is good, in fact, many dentists recommend it. However, it is true that its abuse can cause serious problems, and for this reason there are contraindications to consider.

Throughout this article, in Max Flosser We will talk to you about the problems of using a dental irrigator, so that you can take them into account.

What contraindications does the use of the dental irrigator have?

First of all, you must understand that "contraindications" means situations in which the use of the irrigator is not recommended. This does not mean that its use is prohibited, they are only situations in which you will have to be especially careful.

The situations in which using a dental irrigator can cause problems are:

  • Wounds in the mouth: If you have sores or have just had an operation, such as a tooth extraction, you should never use an irrigator. The jet will not only be annoying, but it could also come into contact with the wound, opening it up and prolonging the healing time.
  • Advanced periodontal disease: In these situations, the gums are very sensitive, and coming into contact with a pressurized water jet will only make you feel more pain.
  • Active tooth infection: If you suffer from an infection, wait for the medicines to take effect before using the irrigator again, or the pain will be excruciating when the jet comes into contact with the root of the tooth.
  • Implants: Some dentists recommend using the irrigator to clean the tiny space between the crown and the tooth, or for bridges and implants. Yes, you can if you use the lowest pressure level. But what if you use the most powerful? It can weaken the cement and detach the tooth.

In short, it is not that the dental irrigator has disadvantages, but rather that you take into account your personal situation, and assess whether or not you can use the irrigator.

To avoid problems, before buying an irrigator talk to your dentistto make a complete diagnosis of your mouth and explain how to proceed.

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