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This is how you should use the dental irrigator to treat gingivitis

Neglecting your dental hygiene can have serious consequences, such as gingivitis. If you have begun to notice its effects, it is not too late and you have time to do something with the help of a dental irrigator.

Can gingivitis be treated with a dental irrigator?

We will be direct with you: Yes, the dental irrigator can help you reduce the damage caused by gingivitis.

As you know, This is produced by the accumulation of bacterial plaque in the periodontal pockets.this is, the gumsproducing swelling, irritation, or inflammation.

He dental flosser can help reduce pain thanks to the fact that at its lowest levels produces a massage It relaxes the gum. Also, the jet penetrates periodontal pocketsremoving dirt.

Best dental irrigators for gingivitis

You are clear that the dental irrigator will help you fight gingivitis, but which model to buy?

These are the most suitable models to deal with this condition:

Waterpik 660EU

Actually, any model of the brand waterpik It would be useful to treat gingivitis. So why do we recommend the WP-660EU?

Of all the models that the brand has launched on the market, this is the which is better value for money. Besides, has a massage functionwhich reduces water pressure and helps treat the affected area of ​​the gum, reducing inflammation and irritation.

Oral-B Pro 2000

You will see that Oral-B has multiple versions of its dental hygiene station, but for the most economical right now it is its model 2000.

Perfect for those who also suffer from tooth sensitivitysince the technology oxyjet projects microbubbles together with the jet that helps to relax irritation, inflammation and bleeding of the gums caused by gingivitis.

If you are willing to invest a little more, our advice is to buy the Smart 5 hygiene station, which includes an electric toothbrush.

Turewell FC165

one of the options cheapest on the marketbut no less effective for dealing with gingivitis.

with his complete set of nozzles, not only will you reduce the bacterial plaque on your teeth and gums, you will be able to clean any corner of your mouth easily. Another point in favor is that It is one of the smallest desktop models on the marketso it is easy to place it in the sink.

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