Dental floss or irrigator: which option is more effective to clean your mouth?

Should you floss or irrigator?

Good dental health does not only depend on a daily cleaning. It is necessary use the right utensilsto remove most of the dirt that accumulates on the teeth after each meal.

Besides of toothbrushit is common to use an irrigator or dental floss. Is it necessary to use both or is one enough?

what science says

First of all, let's see what role each item plays in dental hygiene:

  • Floss: Is used for clean the interdental spaceseliminating food remains with a sticky consistency (what is known as plaque).
  • dental irrigator: Also known as a water flosser, this device shoots a stream of water towards the teethremoving dirt both on the surface and in the spaces between the teeth.

As you can see, both share a common goal; Clean the spaces between the teeth. Now, in which case does the irrigator replace dental floss?

This is especially recommended for:

  • Orthodontics.
  • People suffering from bleeding gums.
  • gum inflammation
  • Periodontitis or Gingivitis.

If you do not have any of these conditions, you can continue to floss without any problems.

Use them as a complement to tooth brushing

Now you know how to decide if you should use a dental irrigator or dental floss. However, there is a mistake that you should avoid at all costsno matter what item you use; Never forget that they are a complement to the toothbrush.

It's true, the irrigator and water floss They remove more plaque and food debris than a conventional toothbrush. However, the brush helps to soften the layer of plaque on the surface of the teethwhich makes it easier to remove with the irrigator and dental floss.

Do you want to have a healthy mouth? So: Use the toothbrush along with dental floss or an irrigator. You will obtain the best result after each cleaning, noticing a unique sensation of freshness.

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