Cleaning teeth with pressurized water or dental irrigator

Discover all the advantages of cleaning your teeth with pressurized water

There are many products on the market to achieve a healthy mouth. One of the most popular are dental irrigatorsa device that ejects a jet of water under pressure.

Following the advice of their dentist, thousands of people use them daily. But is cleaning your teeth with pressurized water really good?

Dental irrigator, the device that allows you to wash your teeth with pressurized water

Using a dental irrigator to clean the mouth is nothing new, since dental irrigation is used in dental offices to clean the mouth, leaving the teeth cleaner and whiter.

Advantages of pressure water teeth cleaner

How do you get it? The nozzle expels a jet of water towards the teeth, with a power that can be regulated either from the handle or the tank of the irrigator, which can reach up to 1400 beats per minute. Of course, the power depends on the model, there being others that are less powerful or designed for people with specific problems in their mouths that require less power.

Advantages of cleaning your teeth and gums with a water jet

Oral irrigation can have many advantages for your teeth, and especially your gums, thanks to the powerful jet of water:

The benefits of pressure water teeth cleaning
  • The teeth recover the white color: Who cleans their teeth with pressurized water leaves the dentist with a white smile, right? You will get the same effect with a domestic oral irrigator, since the jet helps to remove stains from the teeth.
  • Removal of dirt in the mouth: Don't you think your teeth are a little yellowish? That's for the bacterial plaquethat is, the accumulates microorganisms that come from the digestive flora. Irrigating the teeth with a pressurized water jet helps to eliminate it.
  • Easy to remove food remains: Normally, in oral cleaning, the toothbrush is used first and then the dental floss. Did you know that both products barely remove 30% of food remains? In contrast, cleaning teeth with pressurized water removes the 99% of the remainsboth those that remain on the surface and between the eggs of the teeth.
  • Total Comfort While Wearing Orthodontics: Those who use braces or orthodontics know very well the ordeal they go through, especially the first few days, when brushing their teeth. The irrigators include an exclusive head for orthodontics, which facilitates the work and makes it more comfortable. In addition, the contact of the pressure jet produces a sensation of relaxation.
  • Disease prevention: The water in the tank can combine with mouthwash. In other words, this device for cleaning teeth with pressurized water can help you disinfect your mouth, preventing various diseases such as gingivitis, the appearance of cavities or halitosis.
  • Massage the gums: Some models have a “massage” function, usually called “soft”, which shoots a gentle stream of water that massages the periodontal pockets of the gumsthus reducing inflammation, bleeding gums and producing a pleasant sensation.
  • The whole family can use it: The irrigators include several types of nozzles so that each member of the family can use the one that best suits the needs of their mouth.
  • Perfect for children: Cleaning teeth with pressurized water can be a lot of fun for the little ones. You can take advantage of it in your favor to accustom children to a good dental hygiene routine.

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