burst water flosser

How to fix the hose of a Waterpik dental flosser

Hello friends, today I am going to show you how we can repair our water flosser of the Water Peak brand in a simple and especially economical way. In my case, what happened to me is that the hose has broken, this is quite frequent in this type of sprinklers because well, the material from which the hoses are made is not very flexible and ends up splitting in one at a point close to the handle, but well, it has an easy solution, what we have to do is disassemble the handle and once we disassemble it, we return to fit the hose to disassemble it the first thing we have to do is press remove the nozzle remove this wheel this wheel we have to turn it until the spring comes out and the ring comes out you see here are the tabs that are the ones that hold the ring until we have removed In many videos I have seen that they say that the entire side is glued but this is not the case.

In the end, what we have to do is pry until we detach some pivots that fit. Jan, in some holes that I am now going to show, what I have done has been with some simple screwdriver bits, well, it continues to open, fitting and prying and as it continues to open or if it goes inserting another one and thus levering until I have managed to it completely detaches once we get it to detach we have something like this if you want to look at this the pivots it has we have some pivots here there and here also at the ends to see if it focuses and better and those ends are embedded in these buildings from here there there this one for example has broken me why good although the fact carefully I did not know exactly where they were and then well it could not be but if you cis it carefully as I am already showing you where they are you can do it carefully in that area so that it doesn't split once we have it we can disassemble the whole mechanism we can take this from here we also take this from here and what we have left is the The hose that our case is broken and we have to remove this ring, this ring is easy, it comes out to see the first time, it may be a little harder but with a screwdriver we lever here and it ends up being removed well once we have it We remove the hose, it's a bit hard but well, it ends up coming out and all we have to do is take the hose, stretch it out a bit and connect it here once we connect it, we assemble everything again and it's solved

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