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Bamba Cecotec Irrigator Review

An irrigator for each member of the family? Nothing of that when you can have one for everyone who lives at home! Specifically, we refer to cecotec dental irrigator.

More specifically, your model bamba, designed both for a single person and for the whole family. Will it work for everyone? We tell you in our review!

Features of the Cecotec Bamba irrigator

These are all the characteristics that you should know about the Cecotec oral irrigator:

  • Size: 16x24x22.6
  • Weight: 950 grams
  • Includes 7 nozzles
  • It reaches 1,700 pulses per minute.
  • Led screen.
  • Tank capacity: 1,000 ml.
  • 10 pressure levels.
  • IPX4 water resistance certificate.
  • UV light disinfection.
  • Electric cable.

What is the reason for the price of the professional irrigator Bamba 1200 Jet Pro

When Cecotec entered the dental hygiene sector, one thing was clear to it; I wanted to design a high-quality product, but one that was accessible to anyone.

With this in mind, the Bamba 1200 Jet Pro irrigator was designed, for which they used the best materials, incorporated the most practical functions and decided on a very attractive price for any budget.

Added to the fact that it has multiple accessories, such as several standard nozzles for each member of the family, it represents great savings. And we cannot forget about the rest of the heads, which will help you achieve an impeccable cleanliness in your mouth.

What are the advantages of the Cecotec desktop irrigator?

You already know the benefits of using an irrigator. So, why don't we go straight to talking about all the benefits you'll get when you buy this model?

  • Large capacity tank: The first thing that catches your eye is 1,000 ml tank, one of the largest desktop models on the market. Thanks to its tank, you can brush your teeth several times without wasting water.
  • 7 nozzles: In the box you will find a mouthpiece for plaque, another to clean the tongue, another for orthodontics, a periodontal and three classic ones, one for each member of the family. Since the base of the classic ones each have a different color, you won't have to worry because someone has used yours.
  • UV disinfection: One feature that makes this desktop dental irrigator one of the best models on the market is its ultraviolet light disinfection function. This is located in the nozzle storage compartment. After each use, you can activate this function to kill any germs that may have remained in the nozzles.
  • 10 pressure levels: By simply turning a wheel you can adjust the water pressure level up to 10 levels. Levels 1-3 are for a soft jet, 4-6 for a medium power jet, 7-8 for a powerful jet and 9-10 for a very strong jet to remove any type of food residue. or cleaning the brackets.
  • Until 1,700 p.m.: At maximum level, this irrigator can reach up to 1,700 pulses per minuteto perform a deep oral cleaning.
  • Rotation of the nozzles: Will it be necessary to make sudden movements with the wrist to reach any corner of the mouth? Not at all, since you can rotate the nozzle 360º and reach any corner of your mouth.
  • Waterproof: Are you afraid that it will get wet and could be damaged? Do not worry, since it has a level of resistance to water IPX4. It is splash resistant, and the nozzles are fully washable.
  • Ease of getting spare parts: As it is an already consolidated brand in the market, from the same website of the brand you can get all the spare parts you may need for the irrigator. So it will be with you for many years!
  • Unbeatable price: With all these advantages, you may think that the price is going to be out of your budget. But nothing is further from the truth, it is actually a very cheap desktop irrigator!
  • Suction cups on the legs: The legs have small suction cups to ensure grip in the sink. A great relief, because you can clean your mouth without fear.

The benefits of using the Cecotec Bamba oral irrigator

This irrigator gives you between 3-8 minutes of cleaning your mouth, depending on the power. In that time, what will be the benefits you will get?

  • With the plaque nozzle you can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacterial plaque.
  • The periodontal nozzle will allow you to clean the space between the tooth and the gum.
  • With the mouthpiece for the tongue, you will be able to remove any toxin, in addition to eliminating the white stain on the surface.
  • The orthodontic head allows you to clean between the space left in the crown.
  • With the highest pressure level, you will remove any remaining food, even those that remain between the gaps of the teeth.
  • Its lowest level is perfect for the little ones in the house, as well as for those who suffer from dental sensitivity. In addition, it helps reduce gum bleeding.
  • Using it once a day, you will reduce the risk of cavities or gingivitis.
  • Adding a little rinse helps fight halitosis.

Disadvantages to take into account of the Cecotec desktop oral irrigator

We found it to be an incredible model, perfect for a single person or the whole family to use. Unfortunately, it has a small disadvantage to assess when buying it:

  • The suction cups are not of very good quality. Since their resistance to water is not very great, over time you will have to change them. What we advise you is to put a wooden surface underneath, to improve grip.
  • Although the tube is quite longfor some it may be uncomfortable depending on the shape of the sink.
  • it's quite big, so it can be a bit cumbersome to decide where you are going to put it. If you have a small sink, you should go for a cordless or smaller model.
  • The deposit is not removableso you will have to fill it with a glass or other container.

How to use the Cecotec professional desktop irrigator step by step

Before buying it, would you like to know how it works to finish deciding? Next, we leave you the steps that you will have to follow in each use:

  1. Once it is connected to the power, fill the water tank. We recommend filling it to the maximum of its capacity.
  2. Attach the nozzle you wish to use to the irrigator.
  3. Select the pressure level you want to use.
  4. Turn the upper wheel to put it in the ON position.
  5. Lean a little over the sink, to prevent splashes of water from falling on the floor.
  6. Press the button on the irrigator to start it up and start cleaning.
  7. For perfect cleaning, we advise you to follow the line drawn by your gums on the teeth.
  8. When you're done, remember to switch the top wheel to the OFF position.

Wondering if you can use it with mouthwash? Yes, according to the manufacturer's instructions you can as long as you combine it with water. However, since the tank is not removable, and cleaning it will be a bit "cumbersome", we do not recommend it.

Cecotec desktop dental irrigator review

Take a look at how it works, as well as all the benefits of starting to use it through this fantastic review:

User opinions about the Bamba 1200 Jet Pro irrigator

Opinion 5/5 😄

I like this device. Good water tank to clean yourself to spare. Several accessories and also antibacterial light.

Opinion 3/5 😕

For me, it lacks a little power.
With the one I had before, mark don't look, it was more powerful. To be putting professional. I see it just. But going is going well and looks good

Opinion 1/5 😡

. It is the first irrigator that I have so I do not know if it will be common in this type of product but, taking into account that one of the moments of use is at night when performing oral hygiene, I do not understand how it can make such a noise that can disturbing the neighbors at bedtime.

Final evaluation of the Bamba de Cecotec oral irrigator

It is a very interesting option for those who are looking for a simple irrigator, but one that is very complete and can be used for various types of cleaning.

The biggest drawback we see is very big and heavyY It is not the most practical when cleaning it. Even with everything, that have a disinfection system with ultraviolet light It earns you a lot of points compared to other models on the market.

We, and hundreds of customers, have loved it. We advise you to value it as one of the possible irrigators that you could buy. And if in the end you decide on it, remember that here you will find the best offer on the net.

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