Aquacare Pro-Expert Series 6 Oral-B Irrigator

Aquacare Pro-Expert Series 6 Oral-B Irrigator Review

Is a product from a recognized and prestigious brand a great incentive for you to buy it? If you are looking for a dental irrigator, and it is an essential requirement for you, the model Oral-B Aquacare Pro-Expert it is perfect for you.

Throughout this review, we'll be looking at every aspect of this cordless dental flosser, both its pros and cons.

Oral-B Pro-Expert Aquacare Series 6 Irrigator Features

These are the characteristics of the Oral-B Aquacare Pro-Expert irrigator:

  • Size: 12 x 10 x 15.4cm
  • Weight: 560 grams.
  • Tank capacity: 240 ml.
  • Includes two nozzles.
  • 3 modes of use.
  • Two types of water jets.
  • Oxyjet technology.

Why is the Oral-B Pro-Expert Series 6 irrigator that price?

As you well know, Oral-B is one of the most important companies in the dental hygiene sector. In their catalog they have more than twenty models of irrigators. And do you know what makes them so famous, and the best valued on the market?

The exclusive Oxyjet microbubble technology. This technology allows small air bubbles to form when the head nozzle ejects the jet, which massage the gum, making the cleaning experience more pleasant.

Of course, this model has this technology, offering three modes of use according to the specific needs of the user. You have everything an Oral-B dental hygiene station would offer, but in a portable irrigator.

All the advantages of opting for the Aquacare Pro-Expert portable irrigator

With so many alternatives on the market, why should you opt for this model? These are all the advantages of using it:

  • 100% wireless: You will have complete freedom of movement when using it, since you do not have to be connected to the current to use it.
  • Ergonomic design: It is very comfortable to hold, and quite practical. In addition, you can rotate the mouthpiece to the position you want to reach any corner of your mouth.
  • Oxyet exclusive technology: Like all Oral-B irrigators, this model includes Oxyjet technology, which produces microbubbles that reinforce the cleanliness of the mouthat the same time that they massage the gums.
  • Manual mode: If you wish, you can use the manual mode that will give you full control of the jet.
  • Deposit: The deposit of 240 ml is filled with a cap that is located at the back of the irrigator. With that capacity, and even using the highest power of the irrigator, you will have 90 seconds of cleaning.
  • Drums: Depending on the mode, the battery life will be from 2 to 4 weeks. When you have to load it, you will only have to wait a few 4 hours so that it is 100%.
  • 3 modes of use: The irrigator offers you three modes of use. The first is the intenseto remove food debris or clean brackets, then the mode Medium for a quick cleaning that removes any remains and dirt, and finally the sensitivefor a gentle cleaning.
  • Two types of jet: Like the rest of the brand's irrigators, you can decide if you want to use a single-jet or multi-jet.
  • Two nozzles: Included in the box is a classic irrigator with Oxyjet technology and an orthodontic irrigator.
  • Accessories and spare parts: Do you need more nozzles? It will be easy for you to find a pack with various types of nozzles compatible with this irrigator. You can also find spare parts, so you can use the irrigator for many years.
  • Base for better support: It includes a small base to place the irrigator in the sink when you are not going to use it.

Benefits of the Pro-Expert 6 Portable Oral Irrigator

Attentive! By including the Oral-B Pro-Expert 6 irrigator in your daily hygiene routine, you will have access to all these benefits for your mouth:

  • Oxyjet technology helps reduce the discomfort caused by tooth sensitivity, as well as reduces bleeding gums and inflammation.
  • At maximum power, you can remove any food trapped between the gaps of the teeth.
  • Thoroughly cleans the small space between the gum and the tooth.
  • By purchasing separate brush heads, you can customize your cleaning, such as cleaning an orthodontic tooth with an orthodontic brush head or further reducing plaque bacteria.
  • You will feel an incredible sensation of cleanliness.
  • A great ease when cleaning the brackets.
  • Much more effective than toothbrush or dental floss.

How to use the Aquacare Pro-Expert professional irrigator

It is one of the easiest irrigators to use. But you may be a bit lost the first time, so let us show you the steps to follow:

  • Please charge it for about 5 hours. On its first charge the battery will take a little longer to be at 100%.
  • Fill the water tank with warm water. Remember that the tank is not removable, you can only fill it through the cap on the back.
  • Turn on the irrigator.
  • Press the MODE button to select the mode you want to use.
  • If you hold down the MODE mode, you can change the power of the jet.
  • Press the ON button again to start the irrigator.
  • If you want to clean your mouth correctly, follow the lines that your gums draw over your teeth.

When you have finished using it, we advise you to throw away any excess water. This way you will prevent pathogens from forming in the water that may affect the hygiene of your teeth.

Disadvantages of the Oral-B Aquacare Pro-Expert Cordless Dental Flosser

Despite being designed by one of the most prestigious brands in the dental hygiene sector, it is not free from having the odd problem:

  • Its base is a great addition, but does not have a good grip system to the sink. If a lot of water accumulates under it, it will be easy for it to slip into the sink.
  • That it does not bring several mouthpieces implies an extra expense. The ones that it includes are only for simple cleaning and another for orthodontics, but it does not bring for the periodontal tongue or exclusively for removing tartar or plaque from the teeth.
  • Their design is not very practical despite being ergonomic. It can be a bit uncomfortable, especially when you are going to clean the deeper areas of the mouth.
  • Once set the jet type, this is not registered. You will have to configure it every time you use it.

Oral-B Pro-Expert Aquacare Water Flosser Review

Watch out for this presentation of one of Oral-B's best-selling irrigators! If you were considering buying it, we advise you to take a look at the video that we leave you below:

User reviews of the Oral-B Pro-Expert cordless dental irrigator

Opinion 5/5 😄

For those of us who use this type of device often, it is quite easy for us to miss them when we have to travel, since they are not exactly small and putting them in a suitcase can be a bit cumbersome. This wireless water irrigator can do this function decently, although it does not bring a suitcase or travel bag, so at first it is not designed for it.

Opinion 3/5 😕

Disappointed with this water flosser for oral hygiene. I usually have gum problems (gingivitis) and my teeth are very close together, so using this is almost essential for my day to day. I was looking for an option that would give me a little more than the basic one that I have been using and that was also portable and I decided on this one, but no.

Opinion 1/5 😡

Let's see, it's fine in itself but it's still a normal dental irrigator like so many others on sale. It is clear that we pay the mark. The only thing that stands out is that it has Oxyjet technology consisting of enriching the water with microbubbles to, supposedly, optimize the cleaning action.

Final evaluation of the Oral-B Pro-Expert irrigator

It is clear that this irrigator is designed more for those who need a quick cleaning of their mouth, looking for a more comfortable and faster alternative to dental floss.

But for those who need a deeper cleaning it is not very practical. Firstly, because they will have to refill the tank several times, secondly, because of the few nozzles it includes, and finally, because its pressure is not very high.

It can be a very interesting option for those who are looking for an irrigator to take with them when they travel, although there are smaller and more complete portable models on the market.

If it was the type of irrigator you wanted to buy, you will find the best offer on the net a little further down. What does not escape you!

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