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Waterpik 660EU irrigator review

waterpik is one of the most prestigious brands specialized in dental hygiene on the market. your model WP-660EU It is one of the best sellers, and one of the most recommended by dentists.

But is it for you? Will it meet your needs? Will it guarantee a complete cleaning? You will find out if you read our review.

Waterpik 660EU Irrigator Features

Learn about all the features of the Waterpik professional desktop irrigator:

  • Size: 23.4 x 17.2 x 15.2cm
  • Weight: 660 grams.
  • Tank capacity: 650 ml.
  • Includes 7 nozzles.
  • 10 pressure levels.
  • 2 modes of use.
  • Storage for nozzles.

Why is the WP-660EU dental irrigator at such a price?

It is often said that when you buy a high-end product what you are paying for is the “brand”. However, in this case, what you will pay for will be a high-quality product, and with functions that adapt to the needs of any user.

All thanks to the seven nozzles that they include, which allow you to customize the cleanliness of your mouth, together with ten pressure levels that will allow you to regulate the power of the water. Added to a product made with resistant materials, and the guarantees of a highly prestigious brand, its price is even cheap!

If you were thinking of buying a desktop irrigator, believe us, the Waterpik 660EU model is one of the best on the market.

Advantages of using the Waterpik 660EU tabletop irrigator

What does this irrigator offer you that other tabletop irrigators do not have? Let us clear all your doubts, telling you about its advantages:

  • Two modes of use: The first thing that stands out is that this desktop irrigator It has two modes of use. First is the mode Massagewhich is used to produce a light jet that massages the gums, perfect for people with tooth sensitivity. The mode Floss serves for remove plaque and dirt from teethwith a more powerful monojet.
  • pressure regulation: On the left side you will find a wheel with which to regulate the power of the jet up to 10 levels.
  • tube length: The big problem with most tabletop irrigators is that the tube is very short. In this case, you have a hose of almost a meter. You will have total freedom of movement!
  • Large capacity tank: With your deposit of 600ml it guarantees that you will have water for more than one cleaning, or for each member of the family. Of course, remember that the tank will empty more or less quickly depending on the pressure level.
  • Various nozzles: In the box you will find 7 heads for your irrigator; basic three (one for each family member), one periodontal, one for plaque, one for orthodontics and one for toothbrush.
  • Legs that provide a firm base: At its base the tabletop irrigator has three legs that guarantee that you will be in an upright position, at the same time that strengthen their grip on the surface of the sink. No matter if water accumulates under the irrigator, it will not fall down!
  • Mouthpiece compartment: Right in the corner of the irrigator you will find a small compartment for save two nozzles. So you can have the ones you use regularly on hand.
  • Various colors: You can choose between four colors. If you want, you can buy more than one model so that in each bathroom you have one each.
  • Affordable price: Tabletop irrigators tend to be more expensive than portable models. However, this it is very affordablewith excellent value for money.

The benefits of the Waterpik 660EU hygiene station

Counting on the ease of use, including this irrigator in your daily dental hygiene routine will provide you with all these benefits:

  • Includes a mouthpiece with a toothbrush, which you can use before using the irrigator.
  • Each nozzle is designed for one type of cleaning. For example, you have one to remove plaque, another to clean the gap between the gum and the crown, etc.
  • Easily remove food that gets stuck in brackets or between tooth gaps.
  • Using warm water, you can reduce the pain caused by gum inflammation or tooth sensitivity.
  • You will recover the natural color of your teeth, since it eliminates stains and tartar.
  • Mixing water with a little rinse, you will avoid halitosis.
  • Total feeling of cleanliness and freshness after each use.
  • Reach even the most difficult gaps in your mouth, thanks to the rotation of the mouthpiece.

Other features to consider when buying the Waterpik 660EU oral irrigator

Has it caught your attention? It is not surprising, since it has many advantages. But, it would not hurt if you also knew the disadvantages before thinking about getting this Waterpik desktop oral irrigator.

  • I know miss some more mouthpiecesuch as for the mouth.
  • You can easily find spare parts and other types of nozzlesbut this supposes an extra expense.
  • It will need to be connected to power to workwhich will increase the electricity bill.
  • The water tank is not removablewhich makes it a bit awkward when it comes to cleaning and refilling it.
  • Though has great water resistanceyou must be very careful when cleaning the irrigator.

The steps to follow to correctly use the Waterpik professional tabletop irrigator

In our estimation, it is one of the easiest to use tabletop dental irrigators. Even so, it will not hurt to know in advance the steps to follow to use it the first time:

  • place the irrigator on a straight surface the sink. We recommend placing a wooden base, so that it is more firm.
  • Fill in the tank with warm water. If you have a lot of dental sensitivity, you can mix warm water with hot.
  • Attach the nozzle you want to use with a little pressure, then rotate it until you hear a “click”.
  • Turn the wheel to choose the pressure level.
  • Press the power button to connect the irrigator (remember that it has to be plugged in) and then select the mode that you will find a little further down.
  • Switch the irrigator switch to the ON position and start cleaning your mouth.

For those who want a cleaning that helps them eliminate germs and bacteria, you can use mouthwash. As long as first pour water and then rinse.

WP660EU Irrigator Reviews

Do you want to see it in action? Know what users who have already used it think? Pay attention to the reviews that we leave you below!

User reviews of the tabletop irrigator WP-660EU

Opinion 5/5 😄

It is easy to use and the water force of the irrigator is very good. For this reason it will be that having power the engine is a bit noisy. That's the only drawback I find. For the rest, everything is very good, it includes a very complete series of oral hygiene accessories. My dentist has recommended this model to me for a reason!!!

Opinion 3/5 😕

It is practical to complete dental cleaning.
Take the precaution of starting with a low power to see which one suits us, with a lot of power it can splash everything out.

Opinion 1/5 😡

The product WAS very good. I say "was" because it has broken down after 5 months of use.

Final evaluation of the Waterpik WP-660EU professional desktop irrigator

Although it has the odd drawback, it is one one of the most complete models on the marketas well as the cheapest tabletop irrigators.

It offers everything you may need to perform a complete cleaning of your mouth, with the possibility of finding more mouthpieces and spare parts when you need them. With a very simple operation, it can be used by the adults and children of the house.

Was it the irrigator you wanted to buy? If so, watch out for the offer that we leave you a little below, because you can buy it at an unbeatable price!

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